Build: Up-Scale 1:20, Republic P-47D-25, Halinski 3/06

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by rlwhitt, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. cdcoyle

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    WE ARE NOT WORTHY!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

  2. Bengt F

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    P47 Thunderbolt

    Superb detailing, Rick!

    And a very interesting thread. Keep up the good work.
    Bengt :D
  3. Gil

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    Wow Rick! This is reaching obsession level..., but once you get there (with the obsession that is) the air is clearer, cleaner, fresher and oh so sweet...,

    Zen and the Art of Just Plain Messing Around...,

  4. Stev0

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    *Borat mode*

    "Wah wah WEE WAH!!!"
  5. Prowler901

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    Rick, that is just INCREDIBLE!!! You've joined the ranks of Artistry. More than just sticking the pieces together. More than just a paper model. This is ART!

  6. rlwhitt

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    Finally, some meager progress!

    Man it's been tough getting mat time lately. Those crazy things called Work and Real Life keep up their ugly intrusions!

    Hard to see in this pic, but this is a little detail that lives under the upper rail inside of the inner cocpit area skins:


    And jumping ahead, 6 skin parts complete the fuselage center section. I was hoping for that magic Halinski fit here, but it was not to be. I must have left the formers a little too big. I tend to cut on or outside the lines and I hardly ever sand them by default. Magnified by scale, I was left with skins not nearly meeting up. Luckily I did a bunch of dry fitting on the outer skins! So I pulled the inner skins back off, dremel sanded the frames a bit, replaced the inner skins with regular card stock instead of the thicker bristol, and fought it every step of the way. It came out OK, but it was not pleasent! there's a bit of a registration mismatch visible hear near the back, but it will (I think) be covered with wing fairing.

  7. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    Today we have the forward fuselage sections, including some built up structures I'm calling "vent boxes" for want of a better term.

    This is the forward 2 sections assembled, then a WPS section is cut out. The assembled basic box and pipe are at the bottom.


    Next is the box installed into the fuse sections. The pipe is an exhaust waste gate. As you'll see in later pics, there is a vane that can be closed at the end of the pipe. When open, exhaust is emitted here at the front. when closed, the exhaust is forced to the BACK of the plane where the turbochager lives, and is vented there after compressing intake air. I think this is one of the reasons the Jug's fuse is so deep, since it has to duct exhaust and intake air from front to back and compressed air from back to the front. That's a bunch of pipes! I wonder why this was put in the back? Seems like an overly complex arrangment. Perhaps for balance?

    The little semi-circle seen here is added structure that will be cut off once the sections are mated.


    Next image is the 2 front sections and boxes mated with the section previously attached to the main fuse sections.


    Finally, the completed sections with waste gate vane and vent parts. The forward part of the box seems to hold some sort of radiators.


    NULLMOON Member

    its builds like this that leave the plastic models green:grin:
  9. Clashster

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    Looking great, Rick! Excellent lines and the detail is going to be amazing! thanks for the great thread!
  10. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    Tail Bones

    Here's the aft skeleton assembled and attached to the main structure. When I say this fuselage is solid, I'm not kidding. Talk about over-engineered! It's solid interlockng frames from the forward spar slot back to the tail. And is it ever HEAVY! This is a good overall shot illustrating how big she's getting, shown on an 18" mat.

  11. romfolmar

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    Hay I like that tool caddy in the background.
    Where do you get it?
  12. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

  13. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    Thanks Carl. I have indeed magnified problems! As I mentioned earlier up, I did unfortunately leave the formers around the cockpit area too big and had skin fit problems as a result x 1.65!

  14. rmks2000

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    I just caught up with this thread. I am amazed at such workmanship! The cuts are so clean and the fitment is excellent. Great job Rick!
  15. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    Thanks! But Mr. Halinski deserves much of the credit for good fit!

  16. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    Wrapping up the fuselage proper

    Here we have an intercooler duct box:


    And the duct box installed in the fuselage. That sloped piece inside comes up and joins the fuse skin, so that's why it's painted with the patterns.


    Next couple of skin parts installed, and the turbocharger just barely visible at the top (The round thing). I alluded to this earlier, but will mention some details about this plane's turbo system again here. As you can see the turbo is in the BACK of the plane. It was placed here to aid in weight distribution. But it makes for some long piping runs. The intake air comes in the bottom of the cowl and is ducted to the back. Some of it is diverted into the intercoolers to cool the compressed air, and vented out the sides here. The rest goes into turbocharger, compressed, through the intercoolers, and back to the front of the plane. The exhaust comes back here to drive the turbo and is exhausted at the top of this turbocharger (well, bottom, when the plane is right side up) and out the duct you'll see in the last photo.


    Completed rear of the fuselage (well, except for a couple more scoopy doodads added later).

    I encountered a couple of head scratchers back here. First, that skin that surrounds the turbo exhaust duct. You can see how it is curved up on the sides. The way this part is designed, it is one piece and the part at the front of the duct was supposed to be curved up like the sides. I don't know about you other hombres, but I just don't have the mojo to be able to make such a complicated bend and make it look like something. So I cheated and trimmed the part back around that duct so I did not have to curve it, plus cut it into 2 parts to make the whole thing easier.

    The other thing is that all the parts on this model are printed assuming you might leave the wheels up, so you have to cut out the tail wheel opening. No biggie, but the wheel well inner liner was also solid, so I had to glue it on first to get it stable, cut the opening from the skins and put them on, and finally use the skin openings as a guide to cut out the liner opening. Maybe this is standard, but it's my first such encounter.


    Next the instructions say to start building the cowl and engine and install them, but I don't like that order. I'm going to do the empennage first, then build the motor while I'm still fresh, but put off installing it until nearer the end...
  17. Ben Gal

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    This thing will be awesome!

    It's difficult to guage the size - and we won't see that until its finished and presented against a person, or a cat, or dog, baby or something?
    I hope to follow your lead and do a WW-1 biplane, scaled up.
    Good stuff, wonderful to see.

  18. rlwhitt

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    Hah! I will indeed build the detailed engine soon. I even got some of those impossibly tiny draf model laser cut nuts that Johnny likes so much to put around the front rings where they are visible, so I'm indeed a glutton for punishment!
  19. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    I have had a few measuring cubes thrown in here and there, but you are right, unless you see it "in hand", it's hard to judge. It's going to be a little over 24" wing span and a bit over 22" long. That does not sound really big, but I'm already starting to worry about where to put it!

  20. Ben Gal

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    No - that sounds really BIG. The trouble is, you can't hang it from the ceiling, because you couldn't see inside it. It has to go in the middle of the dinning room table? Check it out with the wife.


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