Build: The Dan Paddlewheel Train Ferry

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  1. I found this one a nice challenge. I have never built trains before and to complete this model properly I had to include the trains. They were not included with the kit but I will check my collection and find some from the era and build them as well. here is my first post of pics.

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    Two coaches for Dan can be found here; Modellbau

    Glad to see your build. I printed mine out some time ago, and this will probably be just the inspiration I need to start it. Great job so far, keep those pix coming!

    Scott K.
  3. Yes, I found those but no Coal Steam Loco. I found one I am going to use I think will do the job pretty well. here are some more pics

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  4. I plan on laminating another side panel as the glue bled through. Not perfect but moving on. I find when the model is finished thes little imperfections are overshadowed by the overall model itself. when all you have to look at is the bad part--well then it stands out like a sore thumb.
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    Didn't realize you were looking for a loco to put aboard as well. Most carferry operations I'm familiar with have engines on both sides and don't need to be carried across.

    Scott K.
  6. Well shucks pilgram! That shows what I know about train ferry's. I was wondering about that but it just seemed it would look better with a Loco/tender. I already built one took pictures of them and all so what to do??? I do have an extra train car to fill the gap. Anyway here are the pics. I still have the rigging to go.

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    " Most carferry operations I'm familiar with have engines on both sides and don't need to be carried across." Oops, except for the Solano! I learn something new every day! Thanks for the link, Tim, very interesting vessel. Did you check out the link at the bottom of the page to the model display? I might have to take a shot at designing/building one of these some day.

    Nice job on the Dan, hope mine looks as good (I know it won't be done nearly so quickly, though!)

    Scott K.

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    nice! what scale is it it would really look great in a HO scale setup:mrgreen:
  9. It is HO scale 1:60

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    nice i have an armoured train kit that has a HO bonus kit with it it would be a great way to display it:thumb:
  11. Well here is the final version. I added the rigging from photos as well as the block and tacke for the lifeboats. I also noticed the loose lines strung between the Davits. I finished all the missing bulkheads and added one antenna that was not on the model but I saw on the photos. There was also a set of Davits for the end decks which I wasn't sure about. Perhaps that was a later version since the DAN has been modified several times. She aint perfect but looks OK to me. I think I will leave the stains as they actually make it look weathered. So it is open for criticism uh rather suggestions. What say you all???

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  12. Here are two more

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    Wow, a model like that has a soul! Very nice.
  14. Amazyah

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    What a beautiful job!
    You make me want to build it!
    To me, there is no higher compliment!

    Very nice work my friend, very nice!

  15. Why thank you one of these days maybe I'll get good enough for picture of the week.

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