Build Report for PaperArts 737

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by knife, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    I love airplanes But I have not done one in a while. I move around alot and they do not handle movement very well, So I stick to smaller and boxier types of models, but eventually I will get back to planes in the future. My last plane was the pond racer and I donated that one to a museum. My previous to that was MM Phantom. Yours is a fantastic build and I love those enhancements for the wings. Great job.
  2. peter taft

    peter taft Senior Member

    The modifications you have made are truly marvellous and a credit to you. Very nice :thumb:
  3. BManHere

    BManHere New Member

    Terrific job. Great details. I especially like the way your landing gear came out.
  4. rbeach84

    rbeach84 New to Paper

    Just found this

    And must commend you on a wonderful bit of working out the 'bugs' - you're setting a great example for all of us to follow. I look forward to all your mods... hope I can do it justice.

  5. Flanker37

    Flanker37 New Member

    would there be any way of modifying this to a 737-300?
  6. knife

    knife Member

    Shouldn't be much of a problem. The model already has -300 style engines. Should just take a slightly different wing shape and a slightly shorter body. Wing flaps and slats are all the same.
  7. Flanker37

    Flanker37 New Member

    Sweet, cos i really fancy doing a large Simpsons. Although now, that rather funny african paint job mentioned above had quite whetted my appetite.

    I hate boring white airlines, and i love those with a sense of humour & panache
  8. knife

    knife Member

    I was thinking a Hooters model might be nice, and not too hard to color.
  9. luxair_ca

    luxair_ca New Member

    nice looking 737 ´model, unfortunately it is no longer available...

    if you plan on doing a re-design of it, would you consider a LUXAIR repaint?

    many thanks


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