Build: Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero, 1:33, Halinski 3/2005

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by rlwhitt, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. sakrison

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    Somewhere in my book collection, I have a cutaway of the Zero that will probably solve the mystery. I'm hunting for it. In the meantime, I found this interesting Web site: "Design Analysis of the Zeke 32 (Hamp)" That's the A6M3 Zero:

    The site also contains a design analysis of the P-47 Thunderbolt and a lot of interesting and esoteric stuff about WWII aircraft. Looks as though it would be worth exploring.

    No worries,
  2. rlwhitt

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    Thanks, this is a neat site! At least they describe what the cylinders and box in the aft section are:

    A compressed air cylinder; battery; DF radio receiver; hydraulic fluid reservoir; and oxygen cylinders are located aft of the pilot's seat between formers H and J. The oxygen cylinders can be re-charged from the outside by removing a flush-fitting plate held in place by a quick fastener to expose the connection and gage.

  3. rlwhitt

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    More rear cockpit bulkhead doodads, last of the number 3 parts (I think)

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  4. rlwhitt

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    Then the number 7 parts, that make up the upper parts of the cartidge magazines. These were quite tedious, a very good place to go slow.

    I'm frankly starting to wonder about the sanity of building these, as well as the cannisters in the rear section, as both will be completely covered by fuselage skins, with perhaps the slightest peek via holes in instument panel and bulkhead behind pilot's seat respectively. I'd say if you're in the mood, do it for "fun". Otherwise all of it could be omitted.

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  5. CardStalker

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    Great looking build so far Rick. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Clashster

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    They must be laughing at you over in Poland - "Look, he built all the tedious hidden stuff! Ba hah hah hah!" But, man do they look great! Be sure to keep one of your pictures next to it to show people all your hard work! Great job so far, Rick!

  7. shrike

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    Shades of the Fly Karas I did not too long ago. Ammo feed and fixed MG (with trunnions, buffer tube et c) threaded through the bulkheads, behind the Oxy bottle under the instrument panel. And I didn't even get a pic of it.

    >mutter< sadistic bastards....this is what we get for Roosevelt and Churchill selling the Poles out innit?
  8. shoki2000

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    Damn right! :wink:
    (one of the "sold ones" :grin: )

    Seriously now...
    All those tiny invisible details are what scares me away from Halinski's models so far. I don't like leaving something out but I also hate spending countless hours on parts nobody will be able to see later anyway....
  9. DrBill

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    Halinski can be totally sadistic. I finished building the radial engine for a Ki-43 Oscar -- complete with fuel lines, ignition wires ,etc., as shown -- only to discover that all the detail disappeared when the radiator and cowling was added. Arrghhhh! A tip on wings: I've begun forming and gluing the wing skins before inserting the formers. You have to examine the build sequence and parts carefully, but this has helped with a couple of complex models (including Halinski examples). Add a small folded strip to the trailing edge about a millimeter from the edge to provide a gluing strip that lets you avoid the pinched TE syndrome.

    Finally, I've found that a trip to an art supply store can be a real boon. Take a caliper or micrometer along with you and pick up sheets of .5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm non-acidic archival mounting board. It costs a few bucks (not too many) and will last you for life.
  10. sakrison

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    One way to stop all the laughing would be to open up some of those inspection/access panels. "Walkaround" photos should give you what you need to do that.

    No worries,
  11. OldSalt

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    Having just finished the instrument panel for the Halinski P-39 (complete with the cylindrical instrument bodies behind the panel) I have come up with an alternative to Halinski's microscopic detailing. Instead of doing the 417 hidden details on the next Halinski model I will simply drive bamboo slivers under my fingernails until I admit that it's the pain that I enjoy, not the model building. Of course it doesn't help that the Bear, CMDRTED, sakrison, flu and others make it look easy...LOL. Well, I must get back to work - apparently the buckles on the flight harness are supposed to be functional on Halinski models...

    Have a sane a safe New Year, all!!!
  12. sakrison

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    Well, OF COURSE they are! Wouldn't want you to go slacking on any of those details. :twisted:

    Still crazy after all these years,
  13. OldSalt

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    LOL - but the needle fell off the airspeed indicator. I have ordered a replacement needle from - should be here any day now. OK. Rick - you can have your thread back now.
  14. rlwhitt

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    No problem with the diversion over details, I'm rather enjoying the good natured Halinski-bashing! And I'm not sure I WANT the thead back to show this next bit of mess! These are the internal parts of the machine guns, and they did not turn out well at all IMHO.

    That'll be all for 2006! Y'All have a great new years, Party on!


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  15. paper warrior

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    Ahh relax, they're fine.
  16. rlwhitt

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    Rudder pedals and control stick are in. Next up is the insanely complicated pilot seat with all it's adjustable mounting doodads!

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  17. Amazyah

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    Like Neo said, Whoa!

    Awesome job on the cockpit! Top notch!

  18. cmdrted

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    ErrrRick, I don't actually see the bezel mounting screws in them instruments! But I'll wait for the adjustable ratcheting doodads. Man you're doing some details there. Guess it's been said already, good job man!
  19. rlwhitt

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    OK, I alluded earlier to an adjustable pilot seat. No, this model does not actually provide a movable seat, but I imagine Halinski is planning this for the upcoming year. ;)

    My experience is limited, but all the seats I've seen are just plopped down on a couple of supports and that's that. Perhaps it is rare for a pilot seat to be made in this manner in the real world, but in this case, AH tried to model the actual mechanism, which you can see in this excellent site (provided by sakrison) a little bit down:

    I'm attaching here a shot of the instruction diagrams that depict the arms that the seat is hung on, both from the back of the seat perspective, and then shown mounted on the firewall.

    Sorry for the diversion into perhaps an over indulgence in detail, but I thought this to be an odd and interesting feature:

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  20. rlwhitt

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    The first shot of my attempt is of the adjustment handle and torsion bar.

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