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  1. hello all i just made a storage shed that was a proto type on the railroad im modeling. i could not get this in model form so i built it my self, tell me what you guys think. oh does anyone have a good idea for roof paper/shingles thanks:wave:

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  2. Ralph

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    All right, good start! Some folks like to use tisue paper to represent tar paper roofs. The way I remember it is to brush on a dilluted glue solution on the roof and then apply long strips of the paper. Paint it a suitable black or dark gray when its dry.
    The shape of the extention on your building is interesting. Do the angles accomodate tracks or have some other purpose?
  3. thanks for the tips ralph. yes the structure does accomodate the track, once done ill place final pics
  4. ever thought of card board? i tried it and it looks good so far. ill post a pic later on:)
  5. here is my tar paper what do you think?:wave:

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  6. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Hey, that turned out great!
  7. Petervan

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    It looks good so far. What are you going to use for siding.
  8. the picture i have in a book shows clapboard........ balsam wood??? dunno i got to ponder on that:rolleyes:
  9. grandpa

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    That looks great the tarpaper work out well.
    I have had good luck with balsm wood.
    looking forward to seeing your other works.

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