Bugatti airplane

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    No need to be sarcastic!! The post was an effort to help someone and does not require anyone berating it. If you can't say something nice , better to say nothing at all! (Quote from Disney's movie "Bambi)
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    Wow ... 2 motors!!!!

    Didn't see that before. What a crazy design packed into a slim airframe. Was there any issue as to the angled shafts??? Vibration?
  3. Bengt F

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    Two Bugatti Racing Engines in The '100 P' Aircraft

    Yes, Stev0,

    There were TWO big inline racing Bugatti engines, each giving plenty of power and RPMs to each of the counter-rotating propellers. The axles for the two propellers were lined up on each side of the cockpit, just below the elbows of the pilot-to-be, to unite in a reduction gear box just forward of his feet.
    It´s a pity that this aircraft never flew - it probably would have beat the sh-t out of the German (Heinkel and Messerschmitt) competition in the German 'De La Muerthe' Cup.
    Here is the whole story, by Alex Kalempa, from the construction, the unfortunate German WW II occupation of France and the subsequent removal and hiding of the aicraft prototype in the barn in the French countryside, up to the purchase of the plane by Ray Jones, a Bugatti car restorer from Detroit, in 1970. Upon the arrival of the plane in the US, Jones immediately removed the engines from inside the aircraft (thus destroying the refined construction) to put them to good use in Bugatti racing cars:
    Bugatti Aircraft Association; Bugatti Airplane History
    It all makes an almost unbelievably exciting story, though . . .

    All the best,
    Bengt :thumb:
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    One nice thing from a modeling perspective. Bugatti engines are about as boxy in real-life as it's possible to be.
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    Hi folkz

    nice thread and nice plane..:thumb:

    I made mine BUGATTI as a slow-flyer to fit in the topcase of a motorcycle. span 52cm, flight-weight 220gr and radarmesured 85kmh fast.


    now a 1/5 one is under construction, will be more scale with counter rotating props, weight 30-40N, electric powerset with 4kW out of 8sA123.
    the detailled pix help a lot to reach a better scale-level:wave:
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    I volunteer at the EAA (Oshkosh, WI) museum, and walk by the Bugatti Racer every day--if people need photos, etc., let me know. Right now it's displayed among other planes of its it's quite a contrast to see it among biplanes, etc...obviously decades ahead of its time.

    Every once in a while, there's a Bugatti car enthusiast convention here, and they all want our aircraft wheeled out among their vehicles for a photo-op.

  7. Hi Ulane,
    Welcome aboard!,thanks for the offer,but you might have run into one of our forum-member David,doing this:
    Cheers, Billy
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    Here's the correct link to the Bugatti photos.
  9. It's been a while, but any progress? Anyone? Yaniv maybe?
    Cheers Billy
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    Unfortunately I can't open the pictures to get a decent view. Both Internet Explorer and Safari are doing zilch after doubleclicking. Which is a great pity considering the quality of the walkaround :( I am playing with the idea of 3d modeling the Bugatti for a flight simulator so I was very pleased to find this very informative thread on such a beautiful plane..... :thumb:

    With kind greetings,

    Roland Peters
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    If nothing else works, PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send you the photos in a ZIP File.
  12. Insane1972

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    Wow, talking about a quick response.... The iDisk solution is working so thanks very much :thumb: Tomorrow I will check the original link on a different computer, it could be one of those Windows things with not liking the Java Script...

    With kind greetings, Roland
  13. I think it's because Apple is upgrading all Mac-accounts.
    Cheers, Billy
  14. I made a new album of David's photo's so they are availble full size again:mrgreen:(and there are more of them now!)
    BTW, I found out that you can download it from this galery as a Zip-file, and that others can upload pictures to it, so be my guest...
    Cheers, Billy
  15. Ron Twellman, the curator, talked with Emil Zarkov about a paper model of the Bugatti, when Emil visited the museum this past summer. Ron is very excited about that project and was very supportive of my "photo phield trip."

    That was a quote from this thread about a year ago...
    It has been quiet on this thread for a while , but I read in another thread ( the piracy thread) Moshe from ML models told that dr Emil Zarkov stopped designing papermodels, because they where pirated:eek:
    Can anybody confirm this???

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