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  1. Here's another one, at the beginning of the 2nd WW Bugatti designed a raceplane, it never flew, and today it's in a museum in Oshkosh, There is a very simple model around, But also alot of detailed information
    Nobi? Kampflieger? anyone?
    Cheers, Billy

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  2. paperbeam

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    There is a Bugatti !00P out there.
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    If its in oshkosh, I am sure ken can get lots of reference photos :) probably just down the hall from the paper model display!
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    Anybody want to fly it? Lionheart Creations built one for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004 and, at the moment, the download version is on sale for half-price ($9.95)! I got mine quite a while ago and it's quite the package! It includes several versions of the aircraft, including military, a drivable Bugatti Type 35-C Racer and Bugatti Type 57SC Coupe, plus 5 more flyable period racing planes! Check it out!

    The Bugatti Air Racer Adventure for Flight Simulator

    By the way, it goes like stink! :thumb:

    Mike :wave:
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    Hi, Terry!

    Unfortunately, it's not really possible to compare in what is basically a civilian flight sim. I also haven't really spent that much time with it lately, the Beaver being more my style! From what I remember of the racer, though, it sure gets up to speed in a hurry and you can whip it around the sky pretty good, overspeed being a very real problem. It probably would have been a heck of a recce bird, doing over 400 knots! Somebody is apparently in the process of building a full size replica. I hope they can pull it off.

    Mike :wave:
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    Bugatti 100 'Pegasus' Experimental Racer Aircraft

    Hi Billy,

    Yes, a nice pick indeed. This is one of my all-time favourite A/C - one of the most beautiful airplane designs ever, in my opinion. Ettore Bugatti moved it from Paris to the countryside when the German troops moved in to France. Unfortunately, Ettore died before it was completed and it was never flown. Here it is in storage in a secret barn, somewhere in France:


    And here are a few R/C models; a completed and well-proven flying model by Keith Shaw - with two counter-rotating props!:


    in flight (take-off):


    ...and an ongoing (bigger) project by modeler Trevor Somerfield:


    This, by the way, is a (low-res) part of a set of model plans from 'Model Airplane News' magazine (copyright: Tom Fey) that I found somewhere - perhaps an inspiration for a card model project?:


    This plane would probably present a challenge as a card model project, as there are many compound curves. However, I really hope that someone will eventually design a clean card model of it, with the proper 'Bugatti-blue' color.
    Below is the very simple (and small) card model that exists today.

    All the best,
    Bengt :wave:

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  9. Krzychu74

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    Here is Bugatti P110 in military camo:
    ::: Flitzerart :::

    Best regards.
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    Bugatti Model 100 Racer in French WW II Colors


    I am sure that would have been a French 'killer fighter', had it ever been a reality!
    Very nice paint work - thanks. I, for one, had never seen this excellent page.

    Here is a pic of a small die-cast model, by the way:


    And here is the only existing plane in Oshkosh:


    Look at those sleek lines - it looks almost like a submarine.

    Bengt :wave:
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    Following one of the links from the very interesting Flight Sim page, I found this beautifully-built 'Le Mans Miniatures' 1:43 (!) scale resin model kit - modeler Allan Wanta sure has got the Bugatti-blue color right:

    Bengt :wave:
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    Hard to believe that mirror finish on the original is doped linen!

    Mike :wave:
  13. You lucky $%&@*, wish I lived that close...
    Thanks Bengt, as always,for thoe pictures
    Cheers, Billy
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    Really I think we "need" a paper model for this plane. It's beautiful.
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    Brilliant post Billy,...and thanks for the links Bengt.

    I've always been fascinated with Bugatti's cars, but I've never heard of this aircraft. It does look stunning.



    Like I said there's one out there.

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  17. yaniv

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    amm looks like nice model
  18. @Ringmaster; that's the one I know that's is around, but this plane just needs a 1:33 model, Halinski-stylesign1
    @Yaniv; Go ahead, make my day!!!
  19. It looks better than a Spitfire....

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    Alberto - Modelos de Papel - here's the site for the model above (although both instructions and model have already been posted in this thread).
    This would make a nice subject in 1/33 with engine and cockpit detail for sure!

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