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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Ashrunner, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. Gil

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    "The point on the tip cone will be burnished out to achieve a continous profile.".....,

  2. Ashrunner

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    Very good work on the new nose. I did a bit of cut and pasting, along with some resizing, and when placed ovr the nose of the G model, makes it look like a D or any of the previous versions. So it looks to be a lot closer than the original did 8v)

    I ran into a snag during the repaint and have decided I would redraw all the pages first, do the line ups and measurements for split part coloration, and then when all of that is finished, do the repaint job. At least I know which colors to use and can change the camo pattern during the redraw to one looking closer to the pattern used on 56-0674.

    I'll be looking forward to the nose unfold.

  3. Ashrunner

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    I got to thinking a few minutes ago that I mentioned I did a cut and paste of Gil's D model nose onto a sideview of an G model to see how it looked, and found it looking good. Well, I figured, what the heck am I doing? Maybe everyone else would like to see it also. So, here it is...

    I had thought I had done a G model, but in reality did the paste up on an H model. Still has the same effect of showing how well the new nose looks on the aircraft.
  4. Huey

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    Great collaboration between you and Gil! Keep it coming :D
  5. Gil

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    Nice idea. Does look like it's part of the original drawing.

    One other interesting thing I discovered is that the Revell 1:72 B-52 model has the same markings (cover art and as built pictures) including the serial number (667). The model number is not identified on Revell's package but it looks like an H model. Very interesting...,

    Best regards, Gil
  6. Atomsk

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    So it will!!!

    heh heh, got distracted by the pretty pi'cher :oops:
  7. Gil

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    Frame 1A,2A,3A GPM B-52D Nose Redesign


    Below is the results of the GPM 066 B-52D nose redesign effort. Ashrunner has the dxf file to continue his effort.

  8. Huey

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    Great work on the GPM B-52D nose, a much better alternative than what is on the booklet. By the way, any updates on the C-47? :D

  9. Ashrunner

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    Ten pages of the BUFF redraw are currently finished. I have found it isn't as easy as I first thought it would be. Matching the lines of the camouflage pattern from one part to the other is the most difficult portion of the work and the most time consuming. Plus me old eyes just don't like staring at a monitor for as long as it takes to finish a page. 8v)

    Anyway, I mentioned earlier about the three green camouflage pattern of the H model BUFFs I worked around at Kincheloe AFB. For quite a while I have been searching for the Federal Standard colors used on that particular scheme. Every reference I can find for the camouflage calls for colors of FS 34079 (dark green), FS 34159 (blue green) and FS 34201 (tan) to be used. Those colors are also the ones listed in reference to the B-52 camouflage patterns in Air Force Technical Order 1-1-4 "Exterior Finishes, Insignia and Markings, Applicable to USAF Aircraft"

    As I scanned through the information in the publication I came across references to another green color used on several aircraft. It is FS 34102 (green). When I compared that color to the other two green colors, I realized that I was on to something and believe FS 34102 is the third green color used in the three green pattern I remember from my AF days. I have put in a request to the USAF history office for verification and if incorrect, the correct color used and hope for a reply in a few weeks. Until then, the chart below has on top the "believed" three green colors with the listed normal two green and tan colors.
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    I have logged into the group. I will read the post and play catch up. Thanks.
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    My Profile,
    So you can get to know me here is a short history. Was in the Air Force from 1979 - 1992. While in the Air Force I made my start as a KC-135A Crew Chief at Altus OK. From there I moved on to Guam in 1980 - 1986 working in Field Maintenance. While there I worked on the B-52D, KC-135A and any support aircraft that came our way. I was also involved in Changing out the Arc Light Memorial. Old 100 was suffering from sever corrosion problems. I also helped to rotate out all the B-52D's on Guan to the Bone Yard. That was a sad time. Then we started working on the B-52G's. From there I moved on to Grand Forks AFB ND. Worked in Job Control for most of my time their and then moved back out to the Flight Line. Did some work on the B-1B then went back to the tankers. After Desert Storm came the desert RIF and left the service after 13 years.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy and welcome dave,

    I knew ya couldnt stay away too long. I figured when I saw this topic I would find Ashrunner here, and its a pleasant suprise to see you here also. welcome to the group if you havent been welcomed yet. We are glad to have ya.


    ps. we will be expecting pics of the b-1b and your b-52 lol
  13. Ashrunner

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    Welcome Dave. 8v) I figured since I hadn't updated this thread in a while I would do so now. I stopped work on the redraw towards the end of February as the diabetes thing has affected my eyes somewhat making close work difficult. One eye is close to normal and the other is normalizing, so work will soon continue. At the time I took my vacation, I had finished 13 pages.

    The difficult part of the work has been making sure everything lines up. Not only the end points of the paint patterns as the transfer from one piece to the other, but also the parts themselves. I found back in January that I would draw one cross section line one length, and the other would be a little off. When I would convert from DXF to TIFF for coloring purposes, the differences would at times manifest itself into two ajoining cross sections of different size...not a lot different but enough.

    So, I take my time, check, double check and triple check everything then move on. And, halfway through the next set of drawing, I think, did I check the previous and go back and check, double check, and triple check. Never would have done that in my military days. I always knew I did everything right back then 8v)

    Anyway, work will once again continue on the redraw and on Marek's PBY also. By the way, I never got confirmation of the three green colors back from Air Force officials. Either they are still looking or couldn't verify. I still think I found the third green earlier and will go with that color if I don't hear different in the future. But...that will go on the H model redesign which is also off in the future.
  14. dwgannon

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    GEEDUBBYA, Ashrunner
    I do not know why I did not get logged in here before. I guess I just got caught up on the other e-mail list and never did explore this one. Well today I took the opertunity to explore. Now I am kicking my self softly for not doing this before. Ashrunner I do feel for you and the DB thing. I have an insulin pump attached to my side all the time. I just got done with have my third pacemaker implanted in 6 years. The had to put in a Defib unit. Like what Dick Cheny has. So I am not doing much but setting back nad reading e-mails. GEEDUBBYA I did pull up my Adobe Photo shop today and did some test Scan of the B1B. I had to learn how to put to pictures together since my scanner only does 8.50 X 11 and A4 size. But I assure you once I get started on this I will send pictures. I have to decide if I am going to use Bulsa Wood for the formes for Strength. Since some one posted in the group that the tail sagged. But thanks to both of you you now have me hooked on yet another list.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    LOL Dave,

    Looks Like we have yet another "victim" lol. I knew you had said you had joined before, and I knew that once you took time to look around you would be hooked. Email lists are ok, but we got pictures! and this site is very addictive, I joined back in jan. and have made about 150 postings in here, this place is always jumping. We have a parts bin with some "add ons" and "after market" parts as well as a few free models and all the tips your could ever want or need can be found in the various forums here. But, I expect now that you have looked around some, you will be here more than you ever thought you would. There is something here for everyone, from ships to off road racing trucks to aircraft. There are even contest here with prizes such as "first releases of commercial models".
    We have several designers as members here, and everyone is more than happy to help should you have a question or problem like needing a scan of a part you may have messed up.
    So, kick back and make yourself at home, like I said we are happy to have ya.

    Greg aka GEEDUBBYA
  16. wunwinglow

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    Ash, one idea for getting close with the camouflage breaks on your artwork. I don't know exactly how you would do this in Paint Shop, but this is what I do sometimes. Fill eack section with a grid pattern, fairly fine, maybey 2mm squares. Doesn't matter if they don't line up with the geometry of the part. Do a test assembly and (Gill will love this) draw the camo pattern on with a pencil. You can then use the grid to count along the edge of each panel, refer back to your artwork image and pick out the points on the pattern edges where the camo lines cross. This will also work on cheat-lines, panels, windows, waterlines etc. In corelDraw and other vector formats this is easy, but I am sure you can do a suitable pattern fill in paint programs.

    Hope you make more good progress with the eyesight, and best wishes to everyone else here who is currently under repair! Good health to you all..

    Tim P
  17. Ashrunner

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    Good tip wunwinglow...I hadn't thought of that idea. I have been carefully measuring things trying to make sure I get within two decimal points of each measurement...hehe. Can be a bit tiring at times.

    As for the eyes, it comes on me every so often and all I can do is switch to the heavier glasses and stay away from tedious work. I do a lot of reading when they south on me...hehehe. My doc has fits about it all the time.

    The strangest part is after they improve, I don't need glasses at all for a week or so until the eyes "normalize."

    Anyway, I hope to soon be back on board with TurboCAD, working on a BUFF 8v)
  18. dwgannon

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    I have decided that I would contribute to this thread along with Ash. We have been in contact on this quite a bit and he has helped me out with my lack of resources. But I want to start adding my version of the BUFF. Here are some sanples of the new Tail. I now have it together ash. I still need to do some work on the lettering it's off quite a bit. But it should give you an idea of the tall tail.

    Picture #1

    Picture #2
  19. Kevin G

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    That tail looks good! Actually it looks just like a crisp fresh twenty dollar bill (cause that is how much a cartrige of black ink costs for my printer and it would use a whole cartridge to print that :roll: ).
    Keep up the good work guys!
  20. Ashrunner

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    Ahh....yes...it looks a lot better in that form. 8v) Even at 1:48 scale, it is still a "big tail" hehehe. Have you looked at what you plan to do with the gunners compartment? My measurements show if you remove one of the sections (I believe the one behind the windows), you will get the correct length for the gunner's deck. Still needs a bit of repaint though to finish.

    After three weeks of daily usage, my new medications appear to be taking effect and working! My shaking is subsiding, the eyes are getting better and best of all, the numbness is gone. Still have a few lingering effects but I am at least improving and hope to soon get back in the saddle with my work.

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