Buddy Box hookup?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by cboggs, Mar 11, 2004.

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  1. cboggs

    cboggs New Member

    I have asked this question to two different people, both are fairly new to RC planes, as I am. But they gave me two different answers?

    I figured I would ask here where I am sure I will get the correct answer.

    I am looking into buying my first radio, and I was looking at getting a JR, my buddy that is going to be teaching me how to fly, said I need to get a Futaba, because he has one and he could buddy box into my radio.

    Then another person told me that you could buddy box a JR to a Futaba, so I could get the JR and it would still work.

    Which one is right?

    I am not really sold on one or the other, they are both good radios (JR 6102, Futaba 7C). But I dont want to get the JR if it wont work with the Futaba?


    Chris Boggs
  2. Fastsky

    Fastsky Member

    I would go with a Futaba over the JR. Reason being is that the JR buddy box requires its own battery pack which must be kept charged. And no, the JR won't work with the Futaba. Thats why I suggest that new flyers visit the flying club before buying a radio. Most clubs have trainer boxes sitting in the clubhouse for any instructor to borrow. This can save you money if you buy a matching transmitter. The price of a buddy box is about the price of 2 gallons of fuel which can last all summer!
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