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  1. dcrouton

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    I am very interested if anyone has seen architectural models for either Budapest or Istanbul. Visited those cities and they each have an amazing collection of buildings that would be perfect candidates for paper models.
  2. Bengt F

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    Architectural Models


    I see what you mean, the impressive buildings up on the hill (on the Pest side?) in Budapest or the Blue Mosque in Istanbul?
    I´ve been to both cities too - they are marvellous.

    I didn´t find any card models off hand. But Prague isn´t so bad either - try Betexa´s site. Their new models of the Hraschdin/Hradcany castle or the famous Town Hall are amazing models. I just bought the Town Hall myself:

    You might also find something nice on the Canon Papercraft page: Among other things, I´m building their rather complex Paris Notre-Dame model at the moment.
    I saw they have the "Trojan Horse" from Turkey, too.

    You might find something at Peter Visser´s Iceberg link site:

    Good luck with your quest!

    Bengt :roll:
  3. dcrouton

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    I just received some model of Prague and other Czech castles from my travels there. They are incredible but are easier to find than Istanbul or Budapest.

    I am going to attempt Prague Castle one of these days, no clue on how long it will take or will my patience last. But it will be a challenge.

    Budapest I would be interested in the castle complex or the Parliament building. Istanbul either the hagia sophia, blue mosque, or the topkapi palace. Don't hold much hope in finding anything but thought I would through this out there.

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