Buck Rogers TV Companion book.

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    This came out in 2015 and I just found out about it. I mention it in case anyone didn't know about it. Not sure if there is any photo-reference on models or SPFX tho. Looks like a good read in any case. Go to the link at Amazon for more info:


    Partial excerpt:

    • Foreword by actress Erin Gray • A complete episode guide • Interviews with the full regular cast and crew • Actors that portrayed characters such as The Space Vampire, The War Witch, and The Satyr tell all about working on the series. Discover a never before explored nebula of back stories: • How a nervous film student with no credits wound up directing an episode • Which future US President was a friend of Gil Gerard and hosted the premiere • Which Buck Rogers guest star was murdered and immediately played in a TV movie by another BUCK ROGERS guest? • Why Buck Rogers went to war with his own show's writers • Which Buck Rogers guest became a director and discovered Julia Roberts • Why Dr. Theopolis and nuclear hellhole Anarchia were cut from the show • How Sid Haig appeared in four episodes, even though he died in the first two Patrick Jankiewicz is the author of You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry: A Hulk Companion, and Just When You Thought It Was Safe: A Jaws Companion
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    Wow, great find, John! Background material on Buck is scarce. The best sources of info are Ken Larson's site, therpf and byyourcommand. To anyone having read this book: Please feel free to make a short review here. I'm curious to know how much info has not been published on the web before (my knowledge is vast ;) ). :)
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    Scan any Erin Grey Pictures!! :)
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    That looks like it would be a great resource.
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    I'll try to order a copy next week. I have to catch up on my bills first this week.

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