Buck Rogers Thunderfighter

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Martin Saenger, Apr 2, 2006.

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    Thanks a million, this is a great looking model, I do want to build this one.

    as the german Tom and Jerry cartoon show would say, Vielen Danke Fur Die Blumen

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    Many thanks for the flowers?
  3. rickstef

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    yeah, and then Tom gets hammered with a frying pan


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Martin,

    Thanks a million for this model, it looks great! The other models on your site look great too, needless to say I have just included your site in my "favorites" list.

    Thanks again, have a good day,

    Greg aka GEEDUBBYA (GW)

    p.s.: Gil Gerrard aka Buck Rogers was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, just a little ways up the road from my town of Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
    And on another note, have you considered designing his "space shuttle" from the series? (See below):

    and p.s.s the line drawings for the "hawk" model can be found here should you desire to design that ship:

    have a good day & thanks again!
  5. Getter1

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    Outstanding :D You have no idea how much I have wanted one of these. Beautiful model :D
  6. rwguess

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    another amazing model by martin!

    thanks so very much for these models

    i very much like the buck roger;'s model

    i cant wait for the next one hehe

    could i ask for the battlestar from battlestar galactica heh *hopes*

    best regards

    the hermit
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    Danke schoen! Thanks Martin! I'm so excited, I can barely stand myself!
  8. doc_harvey

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    so far, so good

    With my very limited knowledge of card modelling, this seems at first glance to be a very complicated build......kind of a lot of "fiddly bits"....but so far, it has been a great model to work on...I LOVE the fact that the colored parts actually wrap around out past the score lines. All of the parts that I've cut and glued so far fit perfectly. I'm only on the first stage (building the upper hull and engines) and I'm working VERY slowly and methodically...maybe I'll do a good enough job to have my pic posted in the "Pic of the Month" slot! Love your design, Jan....Thanks again!
  9. doc_harvey

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    ooops...I meant, of course, Martin....not Jan....Had Jan Rukr stuck in my mind after struggling with the dropship from Aliens for so long....
  10. doc_harvey

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    and Martin...if you read these posts....where do the tabs at the forward ends of the engine cowlings go after the "engine turbine" looking parts (#144-151) are attached to the hull? Or does part 144 attach directly to the tabs? From the pics, it almost appears as if the "engine turbine" assembly is recessed under the cowling....or am I smoking crack?
  11. Hi Doc,

    simply glue the rear part of 144 on the tabs of 244. The tabs are always behind the part 144 and they are set inwards.

  12. doc_harvey

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    Thank you!
  13. seakrakken

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    Thank You, Martin! I've been wishing for someone of Genious to design this one and, you did a fantastic job! Are you by any chance related to the space travel visionary Eugen Sänger? We owe much of present day space travel technology to men like him. Even as early as the 1940's he envisioned a stratospheric space plane which would travel great distances at incredible velocities by skipping off of the upper atmosphere like a stone across a pond. Sound familiar? I think Japan is still working on that one :roll: He also did crucial research on Ram-Jet and Rocket propulsion. He didn't stop there either. He even postulated the possibility of a Solar Sail and a Photon Ram-Jet for Inter-Stellar travel. Sorry, if I'm rehashing old history for everyone but, Eugen Sänger is one of my favorites.
  14. Willja67

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    I really like this model! I have gotten a short way but have been sabotaged by my efforts to get a neighbor into card modeling by lending him my bottle of tacky glue and not being patient enough to wait for him to return it I started using glue that caused part 1 to warp quite a bit. Question is this: Will skinning the model straighten it out or should I restart?
  15. Revell-Fan

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    Hallo, Martin!

    Hätte nicht gedacht, Dich hier zu treffen... Melde mich bald mit den neuen Teilen für die Alternativen. Bis dann!

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