Buck Rogers Thunderfighter mods

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Revell-Fan, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Revell-Fan

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    GREAT WORK, BUDDY! :) I'm relieved to see that the pilot figures fit!
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    Well, excuuuuse me! :)
  4. Revell-Fan

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    He only wants to make a separate thread on this one just in case it becomes one of the next MoM! :D:p:cool:

    Don't worry, I'll give you some pics of the new quad interior here shortly! ;)
  5. CrimsonLine

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    Great work here, guys! I am enjoying my build of the stock TF model. Reading through this thread, I didn't see any notification that the original Ralph McQuarrie Viper design was ever completed. Did I miss it, or is it still in progress?
  6. oriod01

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    It was completed, but if I'm not mistaken, Martin did not approve that version for release. Not sure why this was the only one not ok, still scratching my head on that one. Either that or the designer just decided to hold that one back.I'm more of a Galactica fan, but love the Thunderfighter design, so the Galactica paint scheme appeals to me more. Either way, still a very impressive collection, so no complaints (although would like to hear the reasoning, out of curiosity).
  7. Rhaven Blaack

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    If you guys are referring to the plane that was started in here: http://www.zealot.com/threads/buck-rogers-thunderfighter-mods.169684/page-13, (Scroll to post 245)
    As far as I know, Revell-Fan has not finished it yet (I am certain that he will be able to confirm the status of this model).
    However, if you are interested, there is the "David Jones" version that is available on Martins site. The build starts here: http://www.zealot.com/threads/buck-rogers-thunderfighter-mods.169684/page-6 (Scroll to post 115)
  8. Revell-Fan

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    Nope, the RMQ Viper was supposed to be the anchor between this thread and the "Launch When Ready" Viper thread. Due to time constraints and other projects jumping in the project is on hold for the time being. It will be finished as soon as the Viper Mk I is ready. ;) I have modelled all parts in SketchUp, I only need to unfold them and to adapt the cockpit interior for it (it is a one-seater).

    The David Jones version is based on the RMQ Viper but it was fleshed out extensively (by Universal Hartland's FX tech wiz David Jones) to become the blueprint of the fighter we see in the show.
  9. Revell-Fan

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    A small teaser of the things to come..! ;)

  10. CrimsonLine

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    Here's another image of the Ralph McQuarrie Viper design that became the Buck Rogers Thunderfighter:

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  11. Revell-Fan

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    YEP! :) This motif came as a card in an awesome trading card set from the late 1990s. The cards look awesome because they have a metallic finish (which is nearly impossible to photograph; thank the Lords I was able to get one set back then ;) ).
  12. oriod01

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    Did not realize you were working on one (drool) Revell-Fan. I am quite sure "someone" else did one and either could not, or decided not to release it. It even had the Galactica seal and Starbuck call sign on it and it was quite finished. No matter, it was very cool to see it... But not as cool as seeing that you are working on one :wideyed::D:nailbiting:
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  13. Revell-Fan

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    Thank you very much, oriod01! :)

    Yes, I am working on TWO TFs (the 2-seater and the quad) to test the new CIs. I'm busy making the fiddly parts for the four thrusters now :wacky: :D ! Since Chris is making his super-detailed 2-seater I am alpha-testing the new quad CI (and beta-testing the 2-seater CI).

    As for the different colour schemes you noticed:

    RB and I made the recolours to have some variety in our builds and to keep this thread interesting (otherwise you would only see one and the same colour scheme all the time => boring => meh ;) ). These indeed haven't been made available to the public - yet (for a reason / see below).

    RB started with a TF in TOS BSG colours featuring that BSG logo you have seen to honour his mom. I used his build pics to recolour my kit accordingly (which you see in the recent pic; this is used to beta-test the new 2-seater CI 2.0). Over the time we found some awesome collections of TFs in fan-made custom colours which inspired us to make more. One of the cooler things is the TF in Stealth colours RB has already built. I recoloured my kit in these colours, too, and printed it out almost two years ago but had no time to actually build it.

    Last month we found the orthos of another great and highly interesting fan-design called the "Krait". This is a very mean TF variant which features four missiles and an AWACS-style dish on its back. This is what I am building now, albeit I'm using the parts for the Stealth version I have already had standing by. The additional parts are created on-the-fly. (So, the one on the left is NOT the RMQ version / sorry about that ;) .)

    Since the Krait is based on the quad I'm testing the new quad interior on this one, so we'll have two world premieres in one model (new quad CI 2.0 AND new quad variant) ! :)

    As for recoloured TFs in general: Martin has no objections against recolouring the kit for your personal enjoyment but he doesn't want the kit or recolours of it to be made available on sites other than his own (paperaviation.de) or to be shared between people. So if you like to build a TF in a different colour scheme you'll have to recolour it yourself (and you MUST NOT share the altered parts pages with ANYONE!).

    I use The Gimp for it, RB uses Paint. :)

    However: When I'm submitting the next add-on package I'll talk to Martin and ask him to put the recolours on his site as well, however, he has the last word on that matter (I can't promise anything). ;)
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  14. CrimsonLine

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    A quick tutorial on recoloring would be nifty. Do you start from the pdf files, or do you have source files that you work from?
  15. Revell-Fan

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    I use the original png files. First I copy the ones I need to a new folder (to avoid the originals from being overwritten by accident). They are loaded in Gimp, edited using the paint bucket fill tool and the pencil tool and saved (no change of the other values such as the reolution; that is very important to ensure that the final parts fit together and become modular and interchangeable). The skeleton parts remain the same most of the time so that these don't need to be copied. I have started to make a tutorial on this but it is still a WIP. Maybe I can cobble some things together for the tips and tut section.
  16. CrimsonLine

    CrimsonLine Member

    Are the original png files available for download somewhere, or are they things that Martin Saenger has specifically put into your trusty hands?
  17. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    The original png files are the files which come with the kit. :)
  18. CrimsonLine

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    Um. Yeah. Derr. Sorry! (ashamedface)
  19. Revell-Fan

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    Time for an up!

    OK. This is what I have been cooking for a few weeks! :)

    First a few views at my 2-seater. I am using the parts I printed about two years ago.

    The skeleton parts and formers:




    I had been struggling with the best way to connect the two bottom parts. To make things easier I decided to cut off the lips of the back part and to glue the two pieces together. This worked for me but RB found another more elegant solution using three flaps which will be the one used in the final kit.



    As you can see, it was necessary to cut out a hole in the front piece for the cockpit tub because it sits a bit lower now.

    Top and bottom halves:



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  20. Revell-Fan

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    Now come the cockpit tub and its components. The shape of the tub differs on my version because I am using the first version. The design of the second / final version RB is using is much simpler and easier to build.





    The front received a small former which prevents the fuselage from collapsing in that area.

    The back side of the harnesses was painted black.





    Seats completed.
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