Buck Rogers Adversary Fighter

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by jmich17513, Jul 26, 2010.

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    This is more of a Foam-Board model I completed back in June. As soon as I learn how to use a 3D model program I'll try to make an all-paper version. It's from the first 5 minutes of the episode Happy Birthday Buck. It is referred to as the Bigfoot fighter by the sfx people who built it but I think in the episode it is referred to as the Talerian Fighter.


    Also, I'm not sure if you have discovered this site yet. This is Ken Larson, ( no relation to producer Glen Larson), and was a model-maker and worked on the actual show in the early `80's. He has posted a lot of photos on ships from Buck & Galactica. This is a great site for model reference.

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    Great work! Have you heard of Metasequoia? It's easy to learn and is a great platform for computer modeling:


    Here are some examples of models I created in Metasquoia:



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    Those are really great. Last Starfighter Kodan fighter? Yeah, somebody over at the CultTVman model kit forums was telling me about that. Thing is I use a Mac and I think they only have it for PC. I'm in NY & can get a used PC around here pretty cheap tho. I'm looking and should be up and running soon. I can split my time between 2 computers. I just hate to give up using a Mac for my other activities, (even tho it's an old G4).
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    My Deck Fighter was talked about on CultTVMan's forums? Wow; word gets around. :cool:

    Hmm. I thought Meta ran on both. Guess I was mistaken. There has to be a good, free modeling program out there. Blender is great (and I'm pretty sure *it* runs on Macs), but has a rather steep learning curve and I'm not sure it's format will unfold into a paper model.

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