BTR-50 APC and BM21 "Grad" MRL here

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Fishcarver, Sep 30, 2004.

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    Sorry for the Mis-ID!

    Hi Boris! Thank you for the note about my mis-ID of the vehicle. I will check the armor.kiev site for sure, as I would like to try designing a Scud-B on the MAZ-543 launcher in 1/76 scale.
    Best regards!
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    I don't think that the would help you design SCUD-B because it's tanks and APC site only
  5. Fishcarver

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    You are right: It is a BRDM

    Boris: You are right! it is a BRDM!

    Do you have access thru your modelling buddies to 3-view drawings of the MAZ543 TEL? They would be appreciated.

    There is an paper model of the AT variant of the BRDM with the "Sagger" ATGM that I would like to track down. Do you know where you can help me find it?

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    I believe the model you're thinking of is this one:

    I think I've got a machine translation of the instructions somewhere - send PM with e-mail address if you want it.


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    Thanks Guys!

    Boris/Charlie: Thanks much for your help here. Boris: the link and the tech drawing will be of GREAT assistance.

    This is a tremendous community. Thanks to all of you, I'm getting back into finescale modelling (my first love) after many years: with paper as a medium!

    Jimmy the Fish

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