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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Dr. Aerospace, Sep 19, 2009.

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    Folks, I just completed the Battlestar Galactica Viper from Paper Toy Box and decided to make it the subject of my VERY FIRST POST here on Zealot. As I mentioned, this is the Paper Toy Box Viper; unfortunately I can't include a live link because I'm a newbie, but check out and look for the /papertoy_box page.

    Very easy build: mostly straight-line folds with three cylinders thrown in for engines and the fuselage. I probably spent a total of 3 hours on the build. It scales out almost perfectly to 1/35 scale (it's pretty big). I used 90 lb weight paper for the build; I would not recommend going any lighter than that due to the size of the model.

    See attachements for photos. I believe this is the best FREE original series Viper around.

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  2. Welcome

    Very nice and very clean build. I may have another one soon myself.
  3. ekuth

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    Very nice, very clean! Linky to find model?


    Durrr... do a little googling, ekuth. Found it, and also this one:

    Nice, in a red and blue variant:

    Edit edit:

    Which, apparently IS the Papertoybox viper, but recolored; with credit given to the original designer. Nice touch, actually. Launch rail looks good too.
  4. Dr. Aerospace

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    Thanks for the link to the Sirius Replicas site. He corrected a couple of things that bugged me with the original model plus the weathering is terrific. I like the X-wing he also has posted on the site. Awesome pointer to these models! Thanks a bunch!
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    Sirius Replicas Viper

    I just started building the weathered version of the Viper from the Sirius Replicas site. Note in the attached photo that I'm building the blue version in the native 1/35 scale that the model is provided in, plus I scaled down the red version to 1/72 and am building that at the same time.

    The 90 lb paper that I typically use is proving to be a bit heavy for the 1/72 scale version. Next time I'll probably use something closer to 65 lb paper. But I still highly recommend the 90 lb paper for the larger 1/35 scale version.

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    In the gallery section, there is a build by ssquirrel, and there is another by myself with a cockpit interior, and landing gear. I cannot seem to find my cockpit reference but you can find it at adamas hangar bay thread near the end.:wave::wave::wave:

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