BSG Olympic Carrier build.

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Master-Bruce, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Nothing

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    CANT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON THIS!! great build so far!
  2. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Thanks buddy. SJ did a great job here. There was a while where a doubted how well this mesh would come across as a 3' papermodel. I was wrong to, it's great!

    It was worth staying up so late for to see the hull done. Looking forward to getting more done today.
  3. Any guess as to when the liners will be released to us humble builders?????
    I am really excited about the large versions you are releasing as I like to build BIG.
  4. paulhbell

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    I know you said the glue's a bit wet, but don't turn that cooker on.
  5. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    SJSquirrel said he'd be fixing all the faults I find prior to release. He did consider releasing "as is" but then though he may never find the time again to go back and correct the mistakes later. Makes sense really. I'm assuming he'll wait until I finish this one and give him feedback.

    So far though there've been no new problems since the last ones I posted about here.

    I like 'em big too. :) This one is plenty big! I love it!

    Paul, turn the cooker on? LOL! I make sure that puppy is switched off at the mains before building on it. I learned that lesson a while ago. ;)

    I'm off to get more done with it tonight. Fit that intake, then start these engines.

    Later guys.
  6. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Getting more done on this bad boy tonight.





    Got the intake in place, just need to tweak it a bit. Started the engines and smaller intakes. The one pictured has a small problem, missing tabs for when you attach it to the fuselage. I missed it first time round so had to make some and glue them to the inside of the part before fixing the intake to the fuselage. Easy fix there. :)

    Still enjoying this build, great model. Back to build some more engines.
  7. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Looks great so far! Thanks for all the pics :)
  8. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    It's getting there. Rather quickly too. All the problems I've encountered are small ones and don't affect the buildablility of the model. They're all just tab problems.

    I'll get more done today.
  9. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    just curious but have you guys considered a tutorial thread on how to design and make this? i would be very iterested in how this is actually done on the pc and the steps it takes in software...
  10. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    I have, but I'm no expert. Still learning new things every time I design a new model actually.

    For these BSG models, the meshes(digital/CG models) were already done by someone else for a game mod. We downloaded them for free. SJSquirrel cleaned the meshes up as sometimes on a mesh you get intersection of objects which is bad for papermodels. Intersection is when two or more objects cross over into each other so you get numerous objects occupying the same space.

    If you unfold a mesh whicjh has intersection then you won't be able to build it with out later having to work out how to trim the parts to make them fit when building. Sometimes the intersection can be so bad that it's just a waste of time.

    So SJSquirrel got rid of that by editing the existing mesh and altering the wireframe. Sometimes creating whole new objects to suit the model.

    Then the model is checked and unfolded, checked and re-unfolded to ensure it all works and forms a buildable model.

    Of course, if you're designing your own model from scratch then when you're modelling it in a 3D program. You just make sure that none of the objects that make up your model don't intersect at all.

    There's a lot more to it than it sounds, and this depends too on what software you use, there are a whole range of 3D applications out there, I use Truespace, other use Rhino, GoogleSketchup, or whatever(there are so many).

    I agree, a detailed tutorialwould be very helpful. When I first started designing models I knew nothing. There weren't many useful tutorials and I pretty much self taught myself how to do it. As I said, I'm still learning really.

    I hope I managed to explain at least some of that so that it makes sense. I'm not the best teacher. :)

    My advice though is to keep it simple at first. Don't punch above your weight or you'll get put off if you can't pull it off. Learn in small steps.

    If you don't have a modelling program then go for a cheap or free one incase you don't take to it. Truespace 3.4 is free at the Calgari website. I like it as it's easy to use and is more then suitable for creating models and adding textures.

    Don't be afraid to ask for tips or help here. You'll probably not find a better bunch of members who really know their stuff.
  11. Wow Thanks for all of the info!!!:thumb: I built the new galacitca at the 3' scale and loved it (it just needed new textures as the ones that were on it did not scale up well). As for the tutorial I would be very intrested in seeing one of them as I would love to throw my hat into the ring to help but as I have said in another post "the computer is still a magic box to me"wall1. Again thank you for all the beautiful work you do for us!!!
  12. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Your welcome buddy. There's a tutorial I found at AliensPapercraft. It's located in his page titled, "My Process". Read through that, that helped me a great deal. Only ignore the part about using Tenkai program, use Pepakura instead.

    If you like the Galactica and Pegasus, watch this space. We're going to be doing those ships once we're done with the fleet. With the new version of Pepakura, the textures will be high res and we'll be doing a 3' version of each ship. They'll be slightly different from Jaybats.

    For now we're doing the ships that haven't been covered by Jaybats or anyone else. Another ship I'm looking forward to doing is a new Raptor. I like those. ;)
  13. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    is the pepakura the free version or the paid for version?

    i am most interested in how you build the internal formers that i see in some models

    that is the part that confuses me

    i just feel that all models should have internal formers
    and i want to learn how to design them
    and i figured that would be a good place to start

    im sorry i didnt mean to hijack your thread

    maybe i should start a new one?
  14. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    can you point me to the Truespace 3.4 download i cant seem to find it
  15. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Formers are easy to design when designing a model from scratch. Get hold of a 3D application first and practice modelling. For Truespace go to:

    Free Download

    Fill in the form and you go to the download page. It's 3.2 that's free.

    Start with simple things, get to learn your way around the program. It can take a while but there are tutorials included in the download I think to help you out.

    Download meshes to see how they're done and become comfortable dealing with the wireframes. NOTE: Truespace doesn't open MAX. files, stick to 3DS, COB, and some LWO. files.

    Take an existing mesh, open it up in Truespace and try to rebuild the mesh from scratch using the existing one as a template. This is what I did when I started out.

    By the time you're comfortable to go solo and go for it you'll probably know how to create formers. ;)

    Hope that helps.

    As for Pepakura, yes you can get a free trial version but you can't save your work, and when you export your unfolded pages, Pepakura will paste "SAMPLE" all over the pages. There are ways around the "sample" problem but not the save issue. You'll need to buy the password for that from Tamasoft.

    Back to the Olymic Carrier, I've started building the rear end. Adding engines and the tail forks that the tail fins attch to.

    I'll be back later with some pics.
  16. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    thanks very much
  17. Yes want pics!!!!!balloon6
  18. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    LOL. No worries, I had a tattoo to do this morning so no time.

    I just want to finish off the tail fork and get some pics taken. Won't be long.
  19. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Sorry guys, a killer migraine hit me yesterday afternoon. Could barely keep me eyes open! So didn't get to do anything.

    I'll make sure I get something done tonight and update this thread with some pics of that tail section.
  20. paulhbell

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    No rush Skip, take a rest. Nothing wrong with taking a couple of days off, your health is very important and I am sure everyone else would say the same.

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