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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Sky Seeker, Jul 28, 2015.

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    Forum rules dictate that I can not reply to that statement as I wish......... therefore .........
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    Here's a new update on the Defender. Here's a pic on the bottom of the shuttle bay.


    As can be seen the bottom doesn't line up too well. Should we scrap? NO!!! Why redo it when you can cover it up.

    I printed up another shuttle bay, cut, and glued the relevant areas together.


    Since the area that I want to cover is flat, it makes it that much easier.


    New covering on the bottom of the bay. Everything is now lined up.

    Here's a side view:


    I hope this helps out anyone out there that's had problems like this.

    Sky Seeker

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    "What goes in, must come out"...."Testicles Deviant is that: "If you push hard enough, it will fall over". Firesign Theater.
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    Hmmm... must be lost in translation due to the generation gap. Almost too esoteric for my meager comprehension.:Computer::headbange:

    Sky Seeker
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    ''don't crush that dwarf! hand me the pliers!!'' ! firesign theater fan from way back cuz' their first album. ''boots! at last my feet will be warm!!''
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    Ok everyone here's another post.

    This was the original design for the turret.

    As you can see by the design the original designer has NINE parts for this and they are TINY! I decided that if 10 turrets are required for the ship that cutting out 90 teensy parts was out of the question (I thought it was just plain NUTS).

    Thus, a new design for the ship was necessary that used fewer parts and a slightly bigger turret (my first design - from scratch).



    Here are the turrets on the ship.
    Forward facing - hard to see when looking at the side.


    Canted roughly 45 dregrees.

    Which do y'all out there prefer?

    I'll try to upload the design of the turrets later.

    Take care and Have a GREAT day!

    Sky Seeker

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    Turret design.

    Here's the design for the turrets. Feel free to make as many as you want, share with others, and redesign as you see fit.


    Sky Seeker
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    Greebling attempt for the Defender.

    Trying to greeble for this model is interesting in that everything seems to blend in with the background of the ship. So multiple layers are required to raise the surface features of the ship (as mentioned in an earlier post).


    What is done is you cut out the desired surface feature and glue it on top of another blank (or not so blank) piece of cardstock. Next you follow the outline of the desired shape with your knife.


    For raised features on a feature you've already cut out you could do it a couple of ways:

    #1 you could reprint the feature (wasting additional toner and ink) or you could #2 cut out the feature you want to raise (I opted for option #2).

    As you can see in the image above a "t" shape was cut from the central section of one of the pieces. Another piece of cardstock was cut out and added to the cut out area where the "t" shape piece was removed on TOP of the new piece of blank cardstock. In the lower right hand corner of the picture you can see another piece before cutting is done.

    The lower right hand piece added to the card stock backing with the desired pieces for raising cut out located to the right of the piece.

    Next the pieces are cut out.

    The main pieces that had the cut out area are white due to having a matching piece of cardstock cut and fit to the empty area.

    The pieces that are to be raised are glued on top of the main pieces.


    If you notice the edges of each piece have been colored with pencil. You could also use a black marker as well for this ship. This is done to cut down on glare and have the pieces blend in better with the ship since everything is in shades of grey, black, or white. This is done BEFORE you glue the pieces to the model.

    The greebled pieces on top of the ship.

    I hope this helps some of you out there trying to make this ship.

    Sky Seeker

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    One more greebling shot of the top forward section of the ship.


    Notice I added a turret on top for fun. The turret will not be glued in place until the ship is completely greebled.

    Sky Seeker
  12. zathros

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    I would add one ring around the base of each barrel to make them look like they compressed wen the shot, eye candy, or not. I found this neat pic. If you glue the turrets, you won't be able to aim them!!! :)

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  13. Sky Seeker

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    If I don't glue them the galactic kitty cat will start swatting them around the "spaceport". Thanks also for the pic.
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    Skyseeker, that is one awesome looking model! I love all the "greebling" you've done. The turrets look great! I especially like them at the 45 degree angle. Good quality pics too! chadepotts
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    Hey thanks for the input! Believe it or not I used a 12 year old Olympus camedia camera. The zoom optics are starting to go, but it still works. One of the first pocket type cameras with a flash card on it with a whopping 128 MB on the flash drive. I've never had to get a replacement flash for it. I've literally taken thousands of pictures on it. It's a relic but a hardy little relic.

    Sky Seeker
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    Relics, are timeless........ :)
    Todays technology, is timed ...........
    Timed, to fail.....
    So much so, that it is cheaper to throw it away and by a new one, than it is to repair it........

    Sad, really ........ :(

    Like LP's compared to CD's..... Older is better ...........;)

    Like red wine too ...... :D
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    Personally I like the challenge of being able to
    1. find a problem,
    2. define what is broken,
    3. find the broken part,
    4. replace or redesign a new part.
    It's just a challenge.

    If you're in a rush I suppose it's easier to just buy new and go on from there.

    If it's old, works, and is reliable why buy something else?

    If it's not broken why fix it.

    Red wine is great (for other people) it smells great, goes down fine, but creates pins and needles in the 'ole stomach and comes out one path or the other soon thereafter - quite painfully I might add. Aren't allergies fun?!?

    Sky Seeker
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    If have a small machine shop and electronics lab. I have not purchased a T.V. in 30 years. Why bother, when you can perfectly fine ones from the transfer station and usually fix them for pennies. Presently, I have an old 36" Toshiba that has a VGA and YPbR input! I also grabbed all the lenses from the old reflector huge box T.V's. I have seen these perfect magnifying glasses go for $75 dollars a piece when available. I am going to make a pair of Steaampunk Glasses that will allow me to see easier when working on small things. I also grab computer parts, like 1Gig PCIe Video cards, I given most away, tons of ram Power Supplies, 3, 750 Watts ones that were perfectly fine, some incredible cases. Fixing and conserving what you have allows you to live a better life. I just built a sofa, when I finish the back, I'll post a picture. A local furniture maker sells me the Rattan strips and foam for slightly more than cost, and all the instructions free. I covered it with Duck Cloth, that looks just like Denim.You save money!! It is so damned comfortable. :)
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    That is really cool Zathros and so true about quality of life. When you finish the glasses could you take a picture of them and share it with us? Thanks!

    Sky Seeker
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    Yes. if you promise too laugh out loud! :)
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