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    Namaste all.
    This is my first foray into building cardstock models.
    This kit was sent to me by a friend who knew how much I love TOS Battlestar Galactica and has been sitting, printed for about 8 months, in my studio. This is ‘Gearz’ paper kit of that ship.

    I had been waiting for the time I felt comfortable attempting such a new medium (for me) in modeling.
    That time came when I moved to Hawaii and could not bring my studio and supplies with me, yet I wanted to build.

    So, out came the kit, on came the Internet for me to learn more about how to build, and out I went in search of Elmer’s Glue and a ruler with a metal strip and a #11 Exacto.

    Okay. Let’s get what you all came here to see started.
    The building of a cardstock model.

    This is the Galactica model by ’Gearz’. However, something happened, somewhere, somehow, that created a problem. One of the pages of parts is missing from my printed sheets--the P/S arms connecting to the Flight Pods.
    Normally one would just grab a sheet of card and print it out. I do not have that luxury just yet. So I have to make due with what I have.

    First thing, here is the picture of the first page of parts: The Bridge. Destroyer/PaperDestroyer-00.jpg

    Before I started cutting the parts out, I read that I should spray them with a fixative--especially living in a pretty humid place. Here’s what I used.
    Matte for all of the parts. Gloss for the Base and Engine Exhaust parts. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-00.jpg

    I cut the first part from the sheet following the instructions of not cutting the Red Tabs until after folding the parts. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-02.jpg

    Here is the parts folded. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-03.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-04.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-05.jpg

    Next came the back wall.
    Cut Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-06.jpg
    Folded Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-07.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-08.jpg
    And in place Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-09.jpg

    I then cut the Bridge Brace Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-10a.jpg
    Folded the tabs in a alternating pattern Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-12.jpg
    Then glued it in place. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-13.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-15.jpg

    Next came the lower edge of the ship Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-16a.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-16.jpg
    Again, folded Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-17.jpg
    Then placed Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-18.jpg
    And placed on both sides Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-19.jpg

    According to the Instructions the next part to add is the “neck”. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-21.jpg
    Folded Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-22.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-23.jpg
    And in place Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-24.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-25.jpg

    Here comes a part I never thought of, the Bridge Brace Cross Beam. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-26.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-27.jpg

    Now were supposed to build the indent/ “sideburns” of the ship. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-28.jpg
    Cut Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-29.jpg
    Folded Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-30.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-31.jpg

    Here come the “cheeks” Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-20.jpg
    Cut Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-32.jpg
    “Sculpted” Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-33.jpg
    In place with “sideburns” temporarily in place (as per instructions). Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-34.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-35.jpg

    We’re almost finished with the head.
    Now comes the top Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-36.jpg
    Glued in place Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-37.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-38.jpg

    The next part is the… um… I don’t know what it’s called. But it goes underneath. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-39.jpg
    Folded Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-40.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-41.jpg
    In place Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-42.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-43.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-44.jpg

    It’s time for the small detail parts.
    Part of the Bridge Module Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-45.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-46.jpg
    In place Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-47.jpg
    The Bridge itself Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-48.jpg
    Also in place Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-49.jpg
    And a small area behind the bridge. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-50.jpg

    Now we are finished with the Bridge Module of the kit. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-51.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-52.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-53.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-54.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-55.jpg

    Next, I will show you the work on the Engine Module.

    I hope you have enjoyed my first Build Diary of my first card model.
    Sorry about the length of this.

    Cheers aussie
  2. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    She's a classic

    Your build is looking good so far Keptin.
    I'm a huge BSG fan myself - it's always a treat to see the ships again.

    Look forward to your next update.

  3. Keptin Barnes

    Keptin Barnes New Member

    Namaste Steve.:wave:

    Here is the next section I am working on. The Engine section. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-00.jpg

    Per the instructions, I cut the main parts out and glued them together. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-01.jpg

    After I got those two parts glued together I started on the next sheet. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-02.jpg
    These parts are going to be the indented detail that make the trench along the middle of the engines. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-03.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-04.jpg

    They are a little tricky to glue but not too bad. Mostly just long areas to glue. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-05.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-06.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-08.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-09.jpg
    From behind. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-07.jpg

    Once that was finished the instructions say to work on the engine exhausts. I sprayed these with Gloss Finish to give it a bit more of a powered up look. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-10.jpg
    So far these are the biggest challenge (for me at least) because they require tiny tabs to be folded into a small ‘indentation’. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-11.jpg
    Finished one. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-12.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-13.jpg

    Something that kinda bothered me a bit is there is beautiful detail for the light speed engines, but no such detail for the sub-light engine. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-14.jpg
    So I decided to add my own by adding three different shades of red. I traced the shape of the sub-light engine onto a piece of regular paper, colored it then glued it onto a blank sheet of card stock. That way it would be on a white background instead of the dark gray of the original piece.
    Once it had dried, I glued it to the actual piece. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-15.jpg
    Cut it out. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-16.jpg
    And added it to the rest of the finished Engine Exhausts. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-17.jpg

    Next came the Housing. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-18.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-19.jpg
    With the added exhausts. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-20.jpg

    Finally I needed to do the Engine Brace. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-21.jpg
    It says to fold the tabs 90 degrees. However, most of the tabs need to be folded like that. So I don’t know exactly what he meant by that, but I did my best by folding them not 180 degrees and then back to 90 to make it as flat as possible. I just folded as close to 90 as possible and left it alone for it to retain strength. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-22.jpg
    Placed on the rear Housing. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-24.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-25.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-26.jpg

    That is all for now. I shall continue folding away.

    Cheers aussie
  4. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member


    Looking good. I really like what you did with the sublight engine. Makes it ever so much better.

    Re the 180 vs 90 on that engine brace, I had the same confusion. As far as I know what you've done is correct.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. strangelysaucy

    strangelysaucy New Member

    looking really good! love the photoreal texturing!
  6. Keptin Barnes

    Keptin Barnes New Member

    Sorry there haven't been any posts lately.
    I was starting to lose the fun of building because I chose to photograph each step. :(

    So I took a break and decided to just finish the model and show you what the finished ship looks like.

    Here it is gang. The final look of the model.

    I present the Colonial destroyer Valiant.

    Upper Bow
    Starboard Beauty
    Upper Aft
    Aft Beauty

    Now for the display base.

    And finally a closer beauty shot.

    This was pretty fun for my first build of a paper model.
    I am looking forward to my next build. I hope to start that one within the week.

    Cheers. aussie
  7. Aerospace

    Aerospace New Member

    Good job Keptin... ;)

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