BSG 1.5 Foot Galactica

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Syph007, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. Syph007

    Syph007 Member

    Finally got the 2 landing bay pods done.. they were a total pain. I could not get the formers to work that were supposed to be used. I ended up laminating a beam and gluing it to the top.

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  2. Syph007

    Syph007 Member

    Here's the method I ended up using to make the bays. Form inner piece, laminate beam on top. I then cut the ends off the outer shell part, and formed the center and attached. The end pieces I formed separately and attached last. Next I finally get to attach the pods to the retractable beams.

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  3. Bubbahearth

    Bubbahearth New Member

    Nice WiP photos, really helps being able to visualize how it all goes together. So many models, so little time, but def keeping this thread bookmarked for when the time comes.
  4. Aerospace

    Aerospace New Member

    Good job... It's cool...
  5. deniper

    deniper Member

    very pleasing to see this build happening

    this is one of the models i really want to try my hand at .
    me and my ladie have been watching bsg
    makes her wantto talk politics and me build models ... go figure.
  6. Judge

    Judge New Member

    Very nice build. Nice folds too. Good job.
  7. RodentMaster

    RodentMaster Member

    Wow, very nice! Thanks for doing this. I have the 1.5 in mind as well but no time to do it for a while, and you're paving the way and pointing out all the issues I'll keep a wary eye on! :)

    One thing I notice, though.....


    Are you sure those "lips" around the glowing exhaust ports weren't supposed to recess inwards? I got that impression when poring over the printout sheets.
  8. Athaboros

    Athaboros New Member

    It looks very impressive so far. I think that this will be my next Galactica build, having finished the Jaybats version not too long ago.
  9. nh3ave2006

    nh3ave2006 Member

    VERY VERY FRACKIN COOL!!! Nice job!! cant wait to see it compleated

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