brother's kids: the aftermath.

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Zug, Oct 26, 2003.

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    THey behaved pretty well. Not a loco was touched.:p About an hour after lunch my brother wanted them to see the train. So I unlocked Fort Sunnydale and led them in to my world.

    I ran my SR PA-1 pair and then the CP SD90 & SD40-2 pair. THe girl got to run the BNSF SD60M on the second loop with no cars behind it. That the one she asked to run. And the boy got to run it a bit too. but I think he was more interested in just turning the knob on the Atlas Commander. (the LH90 throttle was on the other side of the room so it was safe.) I was tired last night and didn't get stuff put away like I planned, so all 12 locos and all the rolling stock was there.

    I still don't think my brother has a clue about the hobby. I was showing my ZugDCC, the software I wrote and the Light WOrks USA signs that I'll be selling. And he didn't think I would make much money because he only knows of a couple hobby shops around where he lives and he doesn't think the hobby is that popular:eek: :eek: :eek:

    It's quite again, and the cats are happy it's quite:) One is sleepling under my chair right now.:)
    I even got some work done on ZugDCC when I took a break from the noise upsairs.

    For anybody wondering; Zug is german for train:D :D
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    Same here. Zug, I hope your brother finds out how popular this hobby really is. What other hobby has undecorated things that sell out?
  4. CN1

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    Way to go!

    Don't worry about your brother. If he's like mine, your wasting your time!!

    What counts is that you are having fun...;)
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    When do you think your signs will be ready? How about a sample photo?
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    I just read your other post about your brother and his kids coming for a visit. Unfortunately, there are a good many parents that are completely oblivious to their children's crappy behavior.
    And anytime you have to mention to people about their children's behavior, you have already lost. In the industry that I work in, the behavior of children in public and in restaurants is a very touchy topic.

    The restaurant that I manage is a family style restaurant - so we get alot of the chicken finger crowd in here. This is a very affluent neighborhood (I don't live out here) and many of the mothers have the opportunity to stay at home. One would think that the reason for staying home to raise children would be to instill manners, respect for others property and so on. Their kids are the WORST!!!!! Please don't think that I'm bad mouthing the right of women to choose to stay home and raise their family. As for people realizing the cost involved in this or any other hobby, unless people in general have a hobby they just don't get it. Last Thanksgiving through Christmas I had a small 2' x 4' N scale displayed here are the restaurant. It had a dust cover so that the trains didn't disappear. But, parents really didn't care if their kids knocked the trains off the tracks or tried to generally mess with the display. Only the people who were into this hobby or other hobbies understood the cost involved and they made sure their kids behaved.

    But, the others are correct in that you have the right to set the tone in your house. Even if your brother is coming to visit your/his Mom. I'm glad that it worked out. You might find, and someone else may have already said this, that if you were to visit with your neice and nephew without their parents, they might act completely different. Kids act badly because they are allowed to.

    Just my $5's worth.
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    Its been my experience that those who express negativity towards one's hobby(s) are really jeleous of what you are doing.:p :)
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    What you have said is probably very true. And I would also say people who lack imagination, creativity and vision.
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    Zug, are you going to be a distributor for Light Works USA? Interesting coincidence if you are. I have been designing some signs for them for the animated series that they are coming out with.

    Small world huh? (in more ways than one!)

  10. Zug

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    Re: signs

    I'm still waiting on them to show up in th mail. my web site is at right now all that's there is one photo of the otl" sign I have on my own layout, unny part is I didnt order any to be sold. Maybe next time it it goes good.
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    Re: Re: brother's kids: the aftermath.

    And not far apart either, I'm in London.

    That's the plan, I'm just waiting for them to show up in the mail. I wish the had more n-scale suitable animated signed through..

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