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  1. RobertInOntario

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    For British train fans, here's a good website containing some really interesting news:

    On the positive side, I think it's so cool :mrgreen::mrgreen: that they are actually building a brand new steam locomotive -- the Tornado -- which based on a class from the 1940s & 50s, etc.

    On the negative side, the flood damage that the famous Severn Valley Railway incurred in June is terrible -- but it's encouraging that restoration work is already happening.

    Just FYI.

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    Hi Robert
    there is much more on the new build A4 and several other new build schemes onm the thread I started some time ago entitled: 'New Build Peppercorn A1 Pacific Loco'
    Since I posted that, there have been a few more new build announcements, most carried over the last couple of months in the magazine 'Steam Railway' (Railwaymags - Steam Railway Home)
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    Thanks for the update, Meiriongwril! I just checked those sites and will revisit them over the next few days. I'm still really fascinated about this.

    I want to get a copy of Steam Railway but haven't been able to find one recently (and I had trouble with my credit card when trying to buy one from their website :cry:).

    A couple other items: I'm really pleased that Bittern is up and running at the Watercress Line. The Watercress Line is about a 15-minute drive from my in-law's house in Winchester and we hope to visit there over Chirstmas -- I'd love to see Bittern running! :mrgreen::mrgreen:

    I'm also really sad to hear about the major flood damage to the Severn Valley Railway and I want to read about that as well.

    Thanks again,
  4. Meiriongwril

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    It's always a nuisance when sites don't accept certain cards!! You may know of an online resource on UK railway preservation that has updates on things like the SVR's damage, steam and diesel locos etc etc:
    National Preservation • Index page
    Have a good trip to the UK - I'm envious!!:wave:
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    Thanks, Meirion ... The credit card problem happened when the website asked for my credit card's password (or something to that effect). I think this is becoming very common for credit cards in the UK but not over here (at least yet).

    Heritage Railway actually has a pretty good news site which had some news about the SVR damage. I still hope to get a copy of that issue though as it apparently contained lots of pics of the damage.

    Thanks also for referring me to that UK steam train preservation forum -- I'll check out some of the forums.

    If all goes well, I'll try to post some pics of our visit to the Mid-Hants Railway. I hope to see Bittern which has just recently returned to steam. If I'm really lucky, I might be able to visit the Swanage Railway ( as well :mrgreen: which isn't too far away from where we'll be staying

    Take care,
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    Hi Merion,

    Just to let you know I finally got a copy of the latest Heritage Railway (issue 101 I believe). There's a book store north of Toronto that has an especially good selection of British train magazines. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

    It contains lots of news about the Severn Valley damage, the restored Bittern (can't wait to see it in December!!:mrgreen:) the Tornado & other news.

    If I come across anything really unusual or exciting I'll try to post it here.

    Cheers, Rob
  7. 60103

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    alright, Rob, are you going to keep it to yourself or share the bookstore with us?
  8. RobertInOntario

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    Well, the most interesting stuff is to do with the SVR (Severn Valley Railway) and a couple new-build projects. Here is my short, off-the-cuff summary.

    The SVR had severe flood damage on June 19, that could have taken millions of Pounds and several months to repair. If that wasn't enough, the SVR had ANOTHER major flood in late-July that was probably worse than the first one. Not only were the tracks and cuttings flooded, there were severe landslides and the ballast was washed out right from under the tracks (and, of course, moving or suspending the tracks). The repair work will probably last well into 2008 now.

    To make a long story short, although the repair bill will be well over 2 million Pounds, support was offered almost immediately. Financial donations as well as offers of practical help (from other heritage railways) have poured in.

    For the time being, the SVR cannot operate its full 16-mile length of track. Instead, its just operating between two stations which are only 3.5 or so miles apart. FYI, the SVR is one of the best steam railways in Britain, if not anywhere, so this is a huge blow. I rode on the SVR way back in 1980 with my parents and it was an excellent trip, and nice and long too.

    Regarding other news, the new-build project, Tornado is coming along very well. This newly-built A1 Pacific has just had its boiler installed. There is a great pic of this loco and it's very exciting to see a 1930s/40s loco being built "from scratch" as a brand new machine! :mrgreen: There are other new-builds in the works, one being a Great Central D7 from the pre-groupings years. Oh to only live in England -- I'd consider it if I could afford it !!! :cry:

    Another cool news item is that the the A4 streamlined loco, Bittern, is up and running at the Mid-Hants Railway (MHR). The MHR is only a few miles from my in-laws' house and my family and I are planning to go to England this Christmas. Can't wait to see Bittern in full steam! :mrgreen::mrgreen:

    I saw Bittern being worked on at the MHR during the summer of 2006, so it will be great seeing it in operation. It's also being tested for long-haul tourist trips on the main lines.

    There are several other interesting items in this magazine of course. It's almost stressful trying to keep up with all this news!

    Cheers, Rob
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    Thanks for the links and info. I am always looking for sources for British heritage or historical news. I have a keen interest in it... I've previously built a British outline layout in N scale - using Tomix "Thomas" things - and now am updating my traction layout todo so again in O scale with Lionel's Thomas line - - -
  10. RobertInOntario

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    Good to hear! I'm constantly immersed in British train stuff ... I'm still finessing my British 00 layout and am planning to visit my wife's native Winchester, England, this Christmas with my family (and ride 1-2 steam trains as well :mrgreen:). Feel free to keep in touch as I can recommend various websites and magazines, etc. ... All the best. Rob
  11. Oh, In Vietnam we still have a 1930s/40s locos that using until now.
  12. Meiriongwril

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    Hi Robert and everyone -
    A1 Tornado recently passed its boilder steam test and should be running in a couple of month's time.
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  14. RobertInOntario

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    Thanks for the update -- good news. I haven't seen Heritage Railway, Steam Railway or similar magazines lately so I'll have to buy some to get caught up on the news. Rob
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    Sorry, but I can't recall what the 5AT project is ...

    It's late at night, so tiredness could be getting to me!

    Could you please provide a few more details as I'm curious!

    Take care,
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  17. RobertInOntario

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    Wow -- I hadn't heard of this ... I certainly haven't seen this website before.

    This is awesome! A great idea. Visually, it looks like a "classic" steam engine as well as something very contemporary. Very cool!

    I see there is an update dated Jan. 31, 2008 ... so it sounds as if it's still in the works. I've only just looked at this website so I'll read a bit more. Have you been following this for some time?

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  19. RobertInOntario

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    Thanks again -- I'll at least keep my eye on this. It will be very interesting to see if anything happens with it. Rob
  20. ZeldaTheSwordsman

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    This is cool. Hey, is that Vietnam loco a USATC S100 class?

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