British Cannon Deck circa 1805

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by cdavenport, May 17, 2009.

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    great find !!

    i often search the net in english ,dutch and german for models but haven't seen this 1 yet ( although i found some of the models on there )

    so well done :thumb::thumb::thumb:
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    There is a Blohm + Voss P.170 there.I would like to build one,but what is the paper type/thickness to print it on?Sorry for my bad english.
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    The P.170 is a nice model - I am about 75% of the way through it albeit in 1/32 as my fingers find the larger scales more comfortable to work in. I have used mainly 135gsm paper with varying weights of card for formers, wheels etc. The only other media I have used (so far) has been toothpicks for prop shafts and plastic rod to reinforce the undercarriage struts.

    The only parts I have struggled with have been the two pieces that form the forward aspects of the engine cowls but this is more down to me experimenting with processes than any problems with the model design.

    It is a big model and will look good on any shelf - as it has been my first major paper model build I am planning on writing a 'how-not-to' article when it is done (I'm not so sharp at regular updates for build threads + the camera is being repaired at the moment).
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    It does look challenging to build.I'll try it anyway,to improve my building skills.

    BTW,Thanks,cdavenport,for the link!


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