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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by billk, Dec 11, 2001.

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    Bright idea #2: An office supplies catalog led me to this one. There is such a thing as large sheets of paper entirely coated with the Post-It note adhesive. It seems to me that this may be usable as a masking material, since it should be pretty easy to remove without pulling off any underlying paint. You might have to restrict yourself to using markers, rather than paint, when using it.

    If you can print on it, it might be a way of producing brick paper and the like, signs, etc. What do you think? Any other ideas for this material?
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    I'm pretty sure I had some of the stuff you are talking about, and it is only slightly more sticky than a post-it note. I know it isn't temporary, but I am going to print some loco heralds up on it and stick it to my cars and what-not to see how it would look before I do anything as drastic as painting.
    m not good with decals, but eventually I need to go that route. A link on Shamus website will point you to a custom decal company that looks really good, have you used them Shamus?

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