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    Hope I didn't mess this up. I came across this bridge type while researching some types of bridges for my layout. Does anyone know if there are outfits that market this type. Have'nt seen it in any of my info. I guess it is a Pennsylvania type structure. Actually if anybody has any links or info on model bridges available I'd appreciate it. Also maybe some help on wheather it would be wise to have this type of bridge for a duck under. I probably need more than one depending on what's available and what spans are out there. Anybody with some advise. I'd appreciate it. Thanks Robt.
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    Central Valley makes a 150' Pratt Truss bridge. It only spans 21" so it may be a bit short for a duck-under unless the operators are on teh thin side. (Though I say "only," a 21" model span is still impressive.

    Not aware of longer ones but they might exist. You say you probably will need more than one... Remember that to join more than one, you will need supporting piers where they meet. These bridges can't be joined as a self-supporting structure.

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    Don't see why you couldn't do it using plexiglas as a backing for strength. Some Plastistruc plastic shapes or K&S Engineering brass shapes---even basswood or balsa---formed and carefully glued to the plexiglass would make a very strong duckunder bridge. Because it would be handled often, I wouldn't recommend going too fine on detail. If detail is the way you want to go, the aforementioned Central Valley makes all their bridge parts available as separate castings, pretty reasonably priced, too.
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    Wayne and Bill, Thanks for the imput and advise. I'm probably going to do just that and join two Truss Bridges. I looked at the Central Valley Bridge and checked out some others. I forgot to state that I'm using a double track across the span. (dumb me, Hehe.) Anyway I think I'm going to go with the Campbell Double Track Pratt Truss and join two together. Next time down to the LHS I'll pickup the Plasticstrut stuff. I never paid much attention to their items. (Guess it's about time to start.) Probably have similar peices to make the parts. I'll check into Central Valleys parts also. Guess I could give them a call. I still want to find out about the Pennsylvania-Petit (pratt) Truss Bridge. Mabe I can collet enough research to model it from scratch. We'll see.I was advised to Delete the Pic of the Pa truss. Seems your not supposed to do that. Ignorance is no excuse. I took it off. Now if I can find the web reference page again. If you run across any info on this Bridge let me Know. Thanks Robt.

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