Brickwall with the Gimp ?

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Biased turkey, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Biased turkey

    Biased turkey Active Member

    Does anyone here has a tutorial link about how to make a brickwall using the gimp ?
    The gmp has a brickwall script, but all the bricks have the same color .
  2. B-Manic

    B-Manic Peripheral Visionary

  3. portergraphic

    portergraphic New Member

    The best way to get good quality bricks, just the way you want them is to go to the Acme brick website and download their very cool program.

    Allows you to make your own custom brick runs and save them off into huge material files.
  4. hmas

    hmas Member

    Thanks for the link.
    So far I seem to limited to a wall 100 bricks X100 bricks any way to overcome this?
  5. Biased turkey

    Biased turkey Active Member

    First , thanks to all the nice forum members who took some of their time to reply.

    To B-Manic:
    Of course the 1st thing I did was to google. The problem is that the links I found such as Mayang's Free Texture Library have some downloadable brick walls but only a few brick long ( the same as your example ).
    So my problem is to find a gimp tutorial that allows me to seamlessly tile a few bricks so I can get some long brickwalls.
    ( Maybe my original question was not clear enough, I apology for that ).

    To portergraphic:
    Thanks for the Acme bricks link , maybe that's what I'm looking for.

    I would like to build something like that:

  6. portergraphic

    portergraphic New Member


    It's been awhile since I have used it, but I believe that everything that comes out of the Acme program is already tileable.

    I will be gone for a week, but when I get back I will try and do a tutorial on making textures seamless. I don't have Gimp, but I will download it and see if my technique works the same as it would in Photoshop.

    Working for the game industry has taught me a few tricks. ;)

  7. paperbeam

    paperbeam Member

    Thanks for the info portergraphic!:thumb:

    Does it usually take about 30 minutes (with a high-speed cable modem on a new computer) to load though?:confused:


    N and Z scale Old West paper models (free samples) at: paperbeam - virtual paper models
  8. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Thanks for the link to that program for the bricks, portergraphic!
    That is an awesome program!:thumb:

    Loading the graphic the first time you look at a new brick, it has to be downloaded. After that, when you click on that one again, it is on your hard drive so access is real fast.

    Great program! Just what I have been looking for, for quite some time as it sure beats sorting through a hundred dvd's of graphics for the right brick!
    I'm really impressed with this program!:cool:

  9. paperbeam

    paperbeam Member

    I kept on trying to download the initial Acme Bricks program, but it took so long (must be mega-huge) I thought something was wrong.:cry:

    After a few more tries I just left it running and it finally loaded. It was well worth the wait as I now have over fifty different brick walls to work with!

    Note: I think it's a good idea to download all the brick walls you want at the same time as the program took me so long to load initially.:twisted:


    N and Z scale Old West paper models (free samples) at
  10. Biased turkey

    Biased turkey Active Member

    That's the kind of reply I like to see portergraphic
    The gimp has a brick pattern, but idt doesn't look that nice.
  11. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Brick wall


    To answer your original question, if you make a brick pattern, you can turn it into a seamless tile as follows:
    1 - start with a small brick wall piece
    2 - expand the image size to be twice as wide and twice as tall. Your brick wall piece should now be 1/4 of the image. Place this in the top left quadrant.
    3 - Select your original piece, copy and paste it
    4 - Do a Layers/Transform/Flip Horizontally.
    5 - Place this in the top right and anchor it.
    6 - Select the entire, new brick wall piece, copy and paste it
    7 - Do a Layers/Transform/Flip Vertically
    8 - Place this in the bottom half of your image and anchor it

    You now have a seamlessly tileable block. It may not look perfect, but this will give you the idea. Then you just tweak the original image to get a satisfactory end result.


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