Break in at Haslington Models (Crewe)

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by N Gauger, Nov 13, 2007.

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    Duplicated here from another forum for maximum awareness. (Just in case they show up on e-bay)

    Haslington Models (near Crewe) was broken into last Thursday night and a large number of locos have been stolen.

    Les seems to think about 45 locos have been taken most are run of the mill stuff but there are a couple of commissions that may stick in peoples minds.

    Hornby Dutch livery class 31 weathered detailed and renumbered to 31134, this is Les's own model.

    Most interesting and collectable are 3 Lima class 59s, all identical, 59003? "Alan J Day" in Mendip Rail/DB livery, this is the limited edition model rail loco complete with certificate and badge etc, these dont come up for sale very often so if you get offered one then please make a note of the certificate number.

    If anyone is offered any locos under suspicious circumstances please try to get the name of the vendor and say you'll get back to him/her, then contact the police at Crewe (01270 500222) and Haslington Models (01270 589079/
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    That's terrible news. I'm on e-bay often. I'll keep my eyes open.

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