brass! not paper, but ...

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    Take a good look at the price. Way out of my budget. Know wonder I like card stock so well.
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    Don't know if they're still on the site, but they once posted all of the original artwork for the brass sheets, in color! Someone with WAY more patience and a much steadier hand than me might be able to build an LUT from them, if the sheets could all be scaled properly.(But would that be ethical? Hmmm...) Sample below.

    Scott K.

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  4. Well the brass sheets are in a format of flat sheets so I suppose they could be considered "card". Just not an organic based product.
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    ...paper, not brass ...

    I'm looking from time to time for news in many sites related to the Saturn V and the moon saga modeling.
    Today I looked at Microartwork site ( to verify the progress of the Crawler model.
    I found the "the test building chassis" is in progress: it's very astounding! :-o
    I wonder every time I look at this model for the complexity of the project and i can't imagine how much it will cost at the end.

    Enjoy :grin:

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