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    I am trying to gain info on a scale, brass, Japanese made, 4-6-0 standard gauge loco and tender. I have found a reference in an Idaho newsletter, Eagle Tracks , of Feb 2001, of a Colorado Midland 4-6-0 imported by Dick Wheeler (Model Engineering Works). It uses 7/16 inch to the foot. The track width is the same size as Lionel Standard Gauge. Designed for outdoor use in the late 50' or early 60's. Supposedly there are movies of these early outdoor layouts, including one with the camera mounted on a flatcar in front of the engine. The views are the same as the engineer would get. Anyone with any further info?? I have photos.
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    Brass Monster and Dick Wheeler


    Dick Wheeler is my father-in-law. I'll be happy to ask him any questions that you might have.

    mewmidden (George)

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