Brand new: mediaeval trebuchet

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Sheila Mertens, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. thewoodengraver

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    Excellent Trebuchet Sheila! Thank You !!!:

    hmmm...Satriani, Vai, throw in Steve Morse and you got the makings for a GREAT party!! :twisted:
  2. SCEtoAux

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    Here's mine

    I have finished the trebuchet. Here are some pics of the finished model. Thank you, Sheila, for making it available.

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  3. Hi,
    Great job! May I post the photographs on my website in the gallery?

  4. SCEtoAux

    SCEtoAux Member

    Sure, go ahead. :yep: I had already printed out the pages before you made the correction about the direction of the wood grain. It still looks OK. No one notices the direction of the wood grain anyway. They are mostly impressed with the design. I give you full credit and direct them to your website. :)

    One of the responses from someone who saw the model was "Holy cwrap, that's made out of paper?!"

    I tell everyone that it was not meant to be a working model, but that if you pull the trigger pin, the throwing arm will rotate. There is just enough weight in the counterweight box to hold the arm upright.

    Thanks again.:)
  5. Mace

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    Shiela Thank you very much for this outstanding design, My nephew just went throught the roof when he saw it (note-to-self: repair roof) because he has to give a presentation about the middle-ages, and this might give him an extra mark for effort ;)
  6. Bengt F

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    Medieval Trebuchet


    You have done a great job - it looks very realistic!
    Thanks for sharing the fine pictures,

    Bengt :roll:

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