Braking on the CNR in the 50s

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    I came across a great website the other day. It's called The Last Days of Steam and it's filled with first-hand accounts of working for the CNR in the 50s as told by former brakeman Al Peden.

    Some of the articles are called "The Lavenham Meet", "Working Fort Rouge to Rainy River", "Flagging at Elie" and my favourite - a list of all the nicknames of conductors and enginemen. That one is good for a laugh, but they're all great stories and he has lots of photos of his fellow railroad men.

    Definitely worth a read if you want to get that real railroad flavour.

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    Thanks Val , I definitely booked marked that one for future reference .

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    Thanks Val, got to bookmark this.

    See you soon. :)
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    A very interesting site Val. Thanks for the link.
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    Thanks for the link Val :wave: , I have went & added the link to my favorites.
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    Thanks Val, another bookmark added. Very interesting site.

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