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    What mean the marks "OM 6-75" on the side of a boxcar? I know that "BLT 6-75" means that the car was built in June 1975, but I don't imagine what can be the "OM". :confused:
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    It's usually the overhaul/rebuild date.
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    Thanks, BDC!
  4. When such a stencil is found in the area of the tare weight and load limit (marked capacity is no longer used) on a car, it indicates the month and year that the weights were last changed. and the "OM" or whatever indicates where this was done. "OM" may well be Omaha, NE. For many years, cars had to be re light weighed every five years. If the weight was unchanged, the date still had to be shown to prevent some one else from reweighing the car. Now everyone relies on what is shown in the UMLER file on the AAR's computer system.

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