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    Is there a comprehensive book on weathering of locos, rolling stock and rail and ties out there? I would like to find something specific to weathering, and not the stuff I have found at the LHS dealing with all aspects of modeling. I thumbed through a few books and magazines, and the ones I have looked are just so generalized. I hate to pay $25 for something that has two paragraphs I can use.

    Any help here with this one??


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    Search The Gauge! Look especially for stuff by TomPM - he does great work on rolling stock with brushes and craft paints.

    I also find that a lot of those Kalmbach books simply reprint articles from previous years (or even decades) of MR. I buy back issues of MR instead at $0.25 to $0.50 from the hobby shop. That way I get what I want.

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    Great idea! I have seen 'lots' of MR mags on Ebay and thought about that. Perhaps I should check with the LHS. And I know this place is great source of info as well. I will continue to browse around. I suppose I have become a long time member here, and will be posting more questions, searching everything, and telling the story of the railroad I build from scratch from the 'employee's' perspective. (I just hope the 'carrier' (railroad) gives that promotion to Maintance of Way Foreman/Yardmaster/Trainmaster/Switchman/Engineer/Conductor they have been talking about...:D

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    Yeah, I agree that "a lot of those Kalmbach books simply reprint articles from previous years", but there is something to be said for having them find the articles and put them all in one place. I'd feel a lot better, and probably buy a few more, if they were to print them like one of their magazines, put in some ads, and charge about the same as they do for their magazine, especially since as you say, this is not new material that they're using.

    Still, this discussion promted me to go back and look in my bookcase, and lo, I found one that I think has some info in it that I can use right now. :):)

    Thank you JD for bringing the subject up...:thumb::thumb:
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    Spend some time on the phone and also check used book and magazine stores, sometimes they take in used railroad mags, they also resell them very reasonably...Ron..
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    farmer ron, thank you. Good idea

    Russ, bookmarked it. Thank you, too.


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