Bomber TU-95 NATO call sign (Bear)

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Commander Adama, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. The russians have always been know by its western counterparts for large bombers, helicopters, and civil aircraft. I'm if anyone out there has built one and would like their photo's with us. I have a old Tu-154 in progress myself. I think it is facinating what they accomplished with the old B-29 fusalage.

  2. 4ps

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    I have never seen a Tu 95 Card model, but maly had Tu114, which related with Tu 95

    Expecting ur Tu154

    Best wishes
  3. Artie Bob

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    Tu 95

    Vote on Thai paper's site for a Tu 95 model! It is at the top of my want list!

    Artie Bob
  4. scon10

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    Just for your interest, here are two pictures of the Maly Tu 114. The Tu 95 was the bomber version, with a somewhat slimmer fuselage.

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  5. Cybermac

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    Ou Yeah! Tu-154 always welcome!;-)
  6. riyadhangel

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    one of the best planes russian aviation had ever produced...
  7. Hudsonduster

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    First post on Zealot for meee!

    As luck would have it, I just purchased the download for the Bear off ECardmodels. see HERE.

    It's an enormous (305MB?? Why?) file for fifteen bucks, eleven pages of instructions and some 25 A3-size sheets. So, it is available. Text is Russian, but maybe it's not real necessary; these things have a logic to their structure. Hope so, anyway...or maybe there's a way to use online translator programs and plug the result back into the package! I'll experiment.

    I'll start a dedicated thread, when I start playing in this one. Can't say for sure when that'll be.

  8. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Normally, I'd say this was a Necro post, but now I see it as my duty to try and get Scon10 to start posting here again, especially after the DC-5 he just made!
  9. peter taft

    peter taft Senior Member

    Look forward to seeing this beauty come to life.... oh very YES :thumb:
  10. Hudsonduster

    Hudsonduster New Member

    Yah, I'm looking forward too. Still, it may be a passing-fair wait, or not; I dunno...I have a few projects that should come first!
    See, I typically do card models when I'm convalescing from this or that little trauma and can't otherwise move around; so, I'd intended to come here and just re-familiarize myself pending my lay-up, but I got all interested & involved...

    Well, just for now--I got a puzzle to think out with this Bear:
    It's freekin' enormous.
    I am NOT gonna make it as it prints, even if I had a printer to handle A3 paper! I made up a resize to ~66%, as close to 1/50 scale as my two-decimal reduction would allow--that'll print on A-size sheets and still give me a meter's wingspan, plenty impressive for me.
    The thing is, I'm worrying about my paper weight now. I had intended to print on bright 110# stock, but the thickness of the paper with the reduction will crowd in on the plane's internal formers--three times the reduction, on the fuselage.
    What should I do? Fit all parts and shave formers if necessary? Skin with 65# stock?
    I'm leaning towards the former. (I really didn't intend the pun, but I'll leave it there.) I like the feel of 110# paper, and I'm pretty good at dry-forming and fitting; I might manage it.
    But I've never done that sort of thing before, and I wanna toss the question out to guys who've got some experience with reductions.

    What do you think?

    EDIT: A thought I didn't get onto this post--the instructions are in Russian, and my haphazard attepmts at easy conversions didn't get me a translation. Maybe the concern about paper weight is in the text, I dunno. Anybody got more information, please chime in. --'D

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