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Discussion in 'Model History & Reference' started by gera, Feb 11, 2005.

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    Hi Everyone:
    Last night I received Marek P-26 from Cardstock Modeller (Our friend Dewayne) and my fingers itched to get my scissors and start cutting. The kit looks great!!!!!
    When I was a boy ,many moons ago, I lived in Guatemala C. A. and the Air Force had some. They would fly very often and they were easy to know since their radial engine made quite a loud noice, they were also very slow. I am talking about the years 1950-54(real relics at this time), so you see this little plane had quite a few years flying in the blue skies of beautiful Guatemala.

    It was even used by Republicans in the Spanish Civil war, and some were sold to Italy. WW2 found some in Hawaii and the Phillipines but at that time they were out of date. A curios note: The one in the Air Museum in Washington was bought to the Guatemalan Air Force, it was the last one they had.
    Cardstock Modeler´s 1/50 model kit is very well printed and lends itself for verious re-paint jobs ( I use Photoimpact) and I will start doing just that in a few days. Will send some pics soon.
    Those of us who were lucky to see this tiny fighter in the air will never forget it :D
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    A p-26 peashooter was the mount of then Col. Villamor in WW2. interestingly enough, i think he shot down a zero. His name now stands proud in the form of the Villamor air base.

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