Boeing sonic cruiser

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    no problem paragon. i am looking forward to seeing it.:)
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    I'd like to see an Airforce One version too.
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    BWB - Modern Heir to Junkers J.1000 Atlantic Airliner Project?

    Hi nothing,

    I see many similarities between this Boeing Blended Wing Body design and Hugo JunkersĀ“ futuristic trans-Atlantic airliner design project from 1924, which was sadly never realized, because of the giant costs involved and the later change of German rule, which called for fighters and bombers instead of peaceful trans-Atlantic airliners:


    Instead, the Junkers G.38 was born, in 1929, which also provided for passenger seats (although substantially less in numbers) sleeping berths, and cargo holds inside the broad wing structure:


    Thanks for the awesome sample illustrations - the one in UNITED livery is really beautiful. I hope this Boeing Blended Wing Body project will be realized some day.

    All the best,
    Bengt :thumb:
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    Apparently the selling of Airliners is a combination of playing Chess and Poker. As it was explained on National Public Radio, Boeing played a very complicated game with Airbus especially when the A380 was announced. Boeing responded with a concept that almost would sell, a 747 with a full length upper deck, but Boeing didn't price or market that plane very aggressively. The object, made obvious later, was to make Airbus commit fully to A380. And Boeing must have figured out that Airbus under-estimated the manufacturing and engineering effort considering the number of years (!!) late A380 deliveries were. I had my doubts about the Sonic Cruiser, but conceptually the 787 is very similar, reduce operating costs per mile & passenger by a substantial fraction. Airbus went the brute force solution, Boeing choose the more flexible and high technology solution. With Jet-A reaching record prices, A380 operators probably freak when there's a single empty seat.

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