Boeing CV-22 Osprey

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by NOBI, Aug 8, 2006.

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    If a may critique something, just from my viewpoint as an aircraft mechanic,
    The weathering is considerably heavy. Some panels might have some heavy
    staining, but not every panel would have the kind of dirt/smudge shown here.
    IMHO, the effect needs to be lighter. Of course, I'm in line to buy one anyway!
    Just the 02 cents of someone who works on aircraft.

  2. hpept

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    Texman, i agree with you that weathering is a little over powered, but i think it's fine. We must remember the "scale effect " on painting. Colours must be a little different from reality (to reproduce a scale kit usually using the same F.S. code colour of the prototype results in a weird and mismatched colouring... proved with personal experience, unfortunately :-D) and so does the weathering effect, needing to be more than the real to represent the real in a reduced scale. The important is the final result suggesting an operative machine. That's my opinion.
    Great work Nobi, keep us updated with the test report.
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  4. NOBI

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    I agree with gentleman with very strong weathering, now I reduce strength of weathering in my kit already (but still see in my testbuild) today i finish half of fuselage...each part connect together with butt type style what different from another model what I design what use connection strip because join part have many different angle and connection strip is no good to deal with that so butt is a solution. more progress soon.

  5. NOBI

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    Today I finish assemble fuselage. Everything go very well but need some papermodeling's skill to make model look good as I said before. I will do a tail next.

  6. NOBI

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    Tonight I have 2 pictures update of Boeing V-22 Osprey's testbuild. Tail and wing install already now only engine left. I plan to build only 1 engine in right side for sample and then kit will ready to release. Hope I receive more support from modeller


  7. Bowdenja

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    You can always count on me Nobi!

    I can't wait...............also still waiting on the Hawkeye!

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    You always have my support! (I have the incredible shrinking paypal to
    back it up!)

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    You can count with me too

    I bought your stubo the last month. Now, I want the Boeing V-22 Osprey's and maybe the Raiden too :roll:


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