Boeing CV-22 Osprey

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by NOBI, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. dhanners

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    It's not just you're new perspective, willja67. It WAS painful to watch. I think the only survivors were the pilots in the various Flanker crashes.
  2. Gil

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    Tst Krash!

    I don't watch it anymore..., -Gil
  3. GT5500

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    That video is just wrong it made me feel sick, infact I couldn't watch the whole thing, although I was curious as to what was happening in the first clip?
  4. Stev0

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    The jet that was creating the sonic boom cones exploded a few seconds afterwards and I don't know why it was'nt shown.
  5. Bowdenja

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    Boy I didn't mean to bring you guys down...........I did say they are not very pretty. For the record I think most of the guys got out.......on the jets anyway, the copter guys were not as lucky.:(

    Unfortunatley man's machines do have mechanical problems, but some of them were cause by stupidity and pilot error.......... the B-52 crash and the mid-air collision between the Pumas for example.

    I only posted it to show the osprey and the problems they had with development and trainning........... kinda like when they put newbies and copter pilots in the Harrier after all the hand-pick guys flew them with no problems. Folks kinda fargot that there is a skill involved in this.

    Again I'm sorry.

    Here watch this one instead.............. guy's more more time on his hands than most!

  6. Amazyah

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    I'm glad you shared that video with us John.

    It is heart wrenching to watch because I do not like to see anyone get hurt or, especially, killed. On the other hand, there are two things that this film is a good reminder of, nothing great was ever achieved without the loss of life and people make mistakes all the time.
    Still, it is a well choreographed film with a well selected musical score.

    After viewing many films of perfect landings and perfect maneuvers it is good to see the flip side of that coin. The side most do not want to see.
    This type of film serves to remind us of our fragility and imperfections and those who do not want to even look at the horrific mistakes of others down through history, are doomed to repeat them.

    Although it is hard to look at, thank you John, for sharing it with us.

  7. Willja67

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    I would like to clarify that I'm not mad that you showed it just thought it was painful. I think we forget a lot of times the risk that the folks take who put their necks on the line for us and it's sad to see some of them die in war but more painful perhaps during training. I think we ought to see stuff like this just to remind us that it's not some elaborate video game we get to watch on the 10:00 news.
  8. Stev0

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    Crashing a jet is dangerous to life and limb yes but let us not forget that the men and women who signed on in the military have put the lives of others ahead of their own in the service of their countries. No one said military life was to be a safe life 24/7.

    We all make mistakes and hopefully we don't suffer some adverse cause for it.
  9. Stev0

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  10. NOBI

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    After come back from vacation...I work a little bit on Boeing V-22 Osprey, Now I make instruction and will label part next :)

  11. Bluenoser

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    The V-22 is being tested at the Halifax International Airport in Nova Scotia Canada for flying in icing conditions. It certainly is an attention getter when flying. I purchased a paper model of this aircraft from Repep Models (Christian 'Chippy' Chua) although I have not built it yet.

    Canadair also designed a similar type aircraft in 1965. See attachment and link.

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  12. NOBI

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    Today I have a picture of Boeing V-22 Osprey what is in Rhinoceros's render for you to see how this model look in my design...everything nearly complete, coloring her now :)

  13. hpept

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    gorgeous model. I'm starting to thinkseriously about buying it as soon as it's available.

    P.S: Nobi, i've just visited your site and i can't get it to work right. I tried both with Explorer and Firefox but i can't open the download page, or the contact us page. Is the site dtill under construction or is it me?
  14. Amazyah

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    This one is a real beauty Nobi!
    You can consider my copy sold already!

    hpept; Nobi's site has been under construction for some time and is an ongoing work for him.
    The links on the top row for downloading etc have never worked so far.

    The menu on the left side will take you to the different categories and from there, you have to click on the individual model to get more info. Next to each model in the different categories is a brief description which contains links to purchase or download.

    Hope this helps you out a little.

  15. NOBI

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    Today I have sample page of Boeing CV-22 Osprey in full color with weathering...I think upper surface of fuselage should be Medium Gunship Gray and bottom is Gray but I dont know exactly number of RGB color. Anybody know please tell me of RGB color of both Medium Gunship Gray and Gray will be a great help. thank you bery much in advance. :)


    Apologized me for some unfinished page in my website...I will finish all ASAP :)
  16. Texman

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    I could not find the RGB, but I did find the RGB Hex Codes.
    Med Gunship Gray is 63,73,82 and
    Gray is 121,127,127.

    Plugging the hex codes into photoshop produces those codes,
    which appear a little to dark, but may provide a starting point.

  17. rickstef

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    The 3 Ospreys which where used for initial testing were white with international orange striping

    The American Helicopter Museum in West Chester PA has one on display, actually stood inside of it, and saw the cockpit too.

    After the initial testing phase, some of the other ospreys were painted in a light gull gray, and some were painted in woodlawn camo, like the one on the flight deck pictured in a previous post.

  18. Willja67

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    How did you create this image? I mean without all the wireframe lines and stuff.
  19. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Hi Will,

    I use "make 2D drawing" to draw that picture. select mesh what you want and use Dimension > make 2D Drawing from meny bar :)
  20. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Begin testbuild now (or maybe call final build) a little bit hard for nose and cockpit. I recommened for modeler who want to build my Boeing V-22 Osprey MUST have some experience on paper modeling...not recommended for beginner :)

    Below is shot of wheel well, not detail much but looking good so far

    Below is finish nose with cockpit

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