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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by RyanShort1, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. RyanShort1

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    I seem to remember a while back that Digital Card Models used to carry a Boeing 767 model. I always it in the back of my mind to get it, but never did. Looks like Wings of Horus does not have it available. Did anyone here ever get a copy? How good is it? Do you know where I can get it?

  2. Gil

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  3. mig29

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    Hi, Ryan

    I'm the one which designed the DCM B-767 6 years ago.
    If you can wait , you will see it again totally improved.
    I'm in full process to modernise all old models and put it on my future on line store.

    Which scale will work best for you?

  4. Gil

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    Oops, You said 767 not 747. Sorry..,

  5. RyanShort1

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    Well, 1/144 is a standard airliner scale, although there are other standard scales. Personally, I like 1/72...


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