Boeing 707-320 PanAm 1:120 scale finished!

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    I have finished the Boeing 707-320 in the PanAm at 1:120 scale. I began this project about 2 years ago...and have been working at it as could find the I work fulltime in another profession to put food on the I have said before it was a labor of love...there were not any paper edition of this historic commercial airliner and military tanker! Again this is a difficult build but is a fun and challenging project for experienced card modelers...this is not a commercial kit...and parts of this project may require some "field expediency". I hope that you all enjoy it....the finished project is a really beautiful airframe...and a tribute to American technology! Enjoy!!! The site is located at: You click on the B-2 and then go to page 4 to see the plates of this model for must set the resolution to the highest given for a good down load....this model has high enough resolution that it can easily be enlarged if needed...however if you make it any larger than may need to add a new addition to your house!
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    Thanks a bunch!:-D
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    Boeing 707-320 PanAm

    Hi Bob,

    Thank you for providing this amazing model to the card modelling community!
    I´ve downloaded the whole set at maximum resolution and I´ve printed a few test sheets in a larger size (European A3, 297 x 420 mm).
    The result is staggering - it´s supersharp!
    I´ll save this gem for the time when my card model skills have reached a higher level. In addition, I would like to print it on some kind of semi-glossy silver-metallic foil ink jet cardboard paper. Which brings me to a question that I have for you:

    On the first page on your website (in the center) there is a picture of the little Lockheed Electra 10A 1:120 scale model. I´ve scanned and enlarged this model considerably and would like to print it this model also onto a silver cardboard paper. I have all the formers and wing spars prepared already, and the skin is cut out on ordinary matte photo paper so far.
    What brand of paper did you use for that build? Was it an ink jet or a laser paper and what printing technique did you use?

    Featured in "Picture of the week" in this week´s Cardmodels Forum is the beautiful little Mustang model by Rob. He has used an ink jet paper from Red River Paper, the 1300 Red River Metallic Silver 8.5x11 (thickness: 4.5mil (.004") weight: 46lb / 146 g/m2), which produces very metallic-like, shiny results with the right kind of printer. He wrote to me that it should be treated like a glossy photo paper, that he uses it with his HP 932 ink jet printer and that it works fine, providing he coats the surface with a very thin layer of clear laquer after the ink has dried completely. If this precaution is not taken, the white glue tends to wash away the black ink, he reports.
    I wrote Red River Customer Service a mail because I have a large format Epson printer (an Epson Stylus Photo R1800) that uses pigmented ink and this paper is NOT recommended for use with pigmented ink printers, like Epson 2200 or 2000P.
    Red River Paper replied to my inquiry with the following words:
    "Unfortunately, our silver will also not work well with pigmented inks. The darker areas simply will not dry properly. I do not recommend that you try it especially because of the shipping costs involved. I do not know of any other silver ink jet paper available in the USA at this time." (?)
    So Bob, I turn to you for better guidance! Can you help me out on this one? There has been several threads in this Forum on aluminium and metallic foil paper (one started by Darwin) and I will search these for info.
    Rob also told me in one of his mails that ink jet silver paper was very hard to get, at least in stores in Florida. He bought the Red River Silver paper directly from the web page.
    What´s your opinion in this, Bob?
    I hope that you can give me som tips in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

    And thanks again for the beautiful Boeing 707 - a top-of-the-line model airplane!

    best regards,
    Bengt Fredén:)
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    Dimas has done some testing with silver spray onto paper and printed his La-11 on this. check out his website for more information. He gives some idea of what is envolved. Mustang.htm

    hope this helps you out.

  5. Bengt F

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    Silver-sprayed Photo Paper vs. Metallic Silver Paper

    Hi John!

    Thank for this very fine link!
    Dimas seems to be one of those smart guys who doesn´t just accept things as they are - he invents a new process to get what he wants!
    I have to try this. I love the idea of having total control of every step of the building process - in this way, you can keep on refining your modes and methods and improving the details.
    Dimas has his sheets laser-printed. I can imagine that a coat of paint woudn´t agree well with the ink jet process and I´m not sure if I should feed my brand new 800$ A3 printer with painted sheets, even if they have dried thoroughly... (no Epson guarantee for accidents caused by paint, I guess).

    For the time being, though, I would like to have a better still metallic "shine", somthing like the Hughes H-1 racer airplane, if you get my point?
    Almost like a mirror reflection, that is. Of course, the greatest of care has to be taken when you cut, score, bend and glue that kind of paper. Even your finger nails could create small visible scratches, not to mention scissors or metallic rulers...
    For a less shiny, "aluminium-flake-spray-paint" look, I have recently bought large sheets of the Canford satin silver metallic paper, that I intended to put to use for an enlarged version of the WAK model "Spirit of St. Louis". I made one small letter-size test in the ink jet but the ink took a very long time to dry out and in black areas the ink got "rippled" (it actually smeared when I touched it) and wouldn´t adhere to the surface.
    I will also try Rob´s method of coating the paper surface with clear (acrylic?) laquer.
    For most models (at least airplanes) there are no big black areas, only smaller lines, rivets and and of course the registration letter markings (which can be made using label technique). For airliners, like Bob´s big Boeing 707, I guess you could use ordinary glossy (or coated white) photo paper for the top half of the fuselage and metallic paper for the bottom half along with the the wings, the horizontal stabilizers and engines.

    One of these days I´m going down to my local print shop to see if he

    they can do some good black laser printing on those large Canford silver sheets. I´m itching to get started on the "Spirit"...
    The weight/thickness of the Canford metallic paper (150 g/m2) is perfect for airplane "skin" and the look for Lindy´s silver-painted-cloth Ryan bird would be rather good, I imagine...

    But back to the polished metallic look of the airliners of the 30s and 40s!
    If you look closely at pictures of Lockheeds airplanes, or a Douglas DC-3, Howard Hughes´H-1 racer or, to take an example from the space program, the Mercury-Atlas launcher that put John Glenn in space you get my meaning - it would be quite nice to be able to print the model sheets on something as shiny as that!
    I would be very content with the results that Rob gets using the Red River Metallic paper - just look at his fine little Mustang!
    But I suppose the metallic paper surface must be able to absorb the ink, like it does when you use premium glossy photo papers. So, for that special shine, it´s perhaps a must to trod along down to the print shop with a CD and the freshly-stuffed wallet...

    However, stubborn and thickheaded as I may be, I am still attracted to the thought of "doing-it-all-by-yourself" - is there anyone out there, besides Rob and Bob of course, who has experience from working with metallic ink jet papers? Or laser papers, for that matter?
    This will be a never-ending thread...

    Shine on!

    best regards,
    Bengt Fredén 8)
  6. Bengt F

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    Calling airbob!

    Hi Bob!
    I hope you read this - what´s your opinion on the silver paper discussion?
    It would be interesting to know how you would like your Boeing to look.

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    Looks great. BTW...

    The B2 ... Is that your design?

    You should build flanking F117's ;)

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