Boba Fett Helmet 1:1 scale

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    My conclusions of this model:

    - very nice texture (the best available, the main reason why I chose this model)
    - almost the same size of the original prop (the original is only 2 % bigger)
    - easy assembly (for most of the time)

    - says it has an HD texture whereas it hasn't (major bummer; the big file size is caused by some unused textures which come with the file; if you delete them the size will shrink to one third of the original size).
    - unfold and flap positions benefit from a little editing
    - intersections at both ears (albeit easy to handle)
    - wrong colours of the range finder (ditto)
    - wrong shape of the range finder (hum... I noticed that too late)
    - the thin pieces might be a bit of a problem for beginners

    All in all, the model was a lot of fun. An almost straight forward build aside from the intersections at the ears. It is advisable to edit the unfold, combine some loose parts and add some flaps (add a few more than you need; you may always cut them off ;) ).
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    Hello again! :)

    As you might remember, the helmet was supposed to be a present for my colleague's future son-in-law. Well, she gave it to him - and it was a blast! X-mas was saved and the surprise was HUUUGE! Now the helmet is sitting right above his big TV in his living room where everyone can worship it. :)

    Job done.

    IMG_3485 - Kopie.JPG

    IMG_3487 - Kopie.JPG
    (two pictures taken at work at daytime)


    I have finished the templates you may use to make your own movable range finder. They are in no way to be considered a card model, more a guide to copy the mods I did.

    Here they are:

    Have fun and enjoy! :)
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