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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Jim Nunn, Apr 8, 2009.

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    Ok I know it’s plastic (and rhymes with toxic) but a paper modeling friend of mine Bob Penikas who is member of this list did the Box Art for the models on this web site.

    Along with being an Aviation Artist, Bob is a retired Professional Photographer and a Flight instructor for 747’s (I have the impression that he was flying before he could drive a car) and a heck of nice guy.

    Jim Nunn
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    Mia coupa, mia maxima coupa, Forgive me for I have made a grave error, Bob sent me a note about a new web page which was the wingnutwings site. I did not notice that it was a message forwarded form Steve Anderson who is the artist of the box art. I can only blame my error on having an alz…….. Oh Dam I forgot the word again.

    Bob is a Aviation Artist the photo is a print of one of Bob’s watercolors.

    Jim Nunn

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