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  1. MOS95B

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    This will probably sound silly to you pros, but I have yet to see any fishing boat models. Not them fancy off shore rigs, but rather the kind that I might actually have a chance of owning...

    For example...

    John Boats


    Bass Boats



    Any other materials I could supply to assist with this request??? Based on what I've seen so far, some of you folks could design one of these in your sleep.... [/buttkissing]
  2. paper warrior

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    Try Lizzenwell, she does all kinds of that stuff. I have yet to see a fishing boat model as well.
  3. gwssms

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  4. gwssms

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  5. Bowdenja

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    When I was searching for plans to build my One Sheet Boat, I found a lot of the designers/builders created "paper models" before cutting any plywood.

    Shouldn't be hard to find plans that you like and scaling them to fit cardstock.

    google plywood boat plans.......... you might just find a reall plan you can use for card modelling!

  6. paper warrior

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  7. lizzienewell

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    I've been working on a NOAA Enforcement patrol vessel (boat for the fish cops) and have did a seiner several years ago. I'd like to do more fishing boats and am always delighted to see anyone else doing small boats.

    I've attached a photo of the NOAA boat. It's actually of the the P/V Chinook Wind which was custom made by Almar. Almar makes fishing boats as well: RAIV and the Sounder.

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  8. milenio3

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    Hey Lizzie, very nice boat.

    Are you designing these as well? And... is that metal I see as railings? What other materials are you using here?
  9. lizzienewell

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    This is my design. I'm using 20 gage wire, 24 gage wire, scrap electrical wire, sewing pins, dental floss, string, transparency film, and jewelry chain along with paper.
  10. Dnlgtr

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    gwssms, I tryed the link you put up.
    I found the page showing the mofdels of not only the boat, but a few cars & campers too. But!! I could not find any download link for nay of them!
    I did find the instructions page for your boat, But not the model!

    Any hints as to where to look??
    PS. I get the message about Japanese Font inserts when i go to that page
  11. Amazyah

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    I did a little looking around for you and found the page with the models for the boats.

    Down the left side of the page are the links to other pages on this site.
    Click the one that is fourth from the bottom to get to the download page that has the boat pdf's.

  12. thewoodengraver

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    Don't hold your breath about a little diorama called "fishing"?
    With a boat, a fisherman, a fish, and everything you might see in and around the boat?

    P.S. you would NOT like the one I designed in my sleep! lol
  13. Amazyah

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    Why, would it require an investment into an elctron microscope?:grin:

    I hear you can pick one up nowadays for a paultry $200 grand!

  14. MOS95B

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    That was actually part of the idea. I figured if I could build one from paper/cardstock, then I could scale it up to actual size and make it out of that styrofoam sheet insulation and fiberglass it to make a real lake boat.

    Unfortunately, my search for plans always seems to turn up only fancier boats than I want (sailboats, speedboats, etc) or they end up costing more than I am willing to spend on an unknown design.

    I was hoping that someone might actually share my interests in small lake fishing (bass, crappie, etc) and modeling and that my boat would already exist somewhere in the modelling world.

    I suppose I should head to one of the local Cabellas with my camera and snap a few pics...
  15. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    my bad...I thought this was actually about card modeling...sorry to but in.
  16. MOS95B

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    The thread was intended to be about card modelling. I was hoping to find, or plead for, models of small, lake fishing boats (i.e. Alumacraft or Ranger type fishing boats).

    Looks like it might have gotten a bit off topic. But, in my wierd mind, a card model seemed like a good starting point for a "real life build"

    I did like your idea of the diarama, though. The Missus and I have only been in our new house for about a year, and we are trying to give the family room in the basement an "at the lake" feel. A fishiung diarama would be an excellent edition to that feel. The bad part is, my fat, clumsy fingers do not have the skill with the tiny parts that yours abviously do....
  17. Zathros

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  18. Bowdenja

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    check this site out

    I'm currently working on a modified Mini Elkstock...................

    I WILL finish it intime to fish this summer!

  19. MOS95B

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    Thank you both for the links. There's some good study materials there....
  20. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member! I was not I am!
    I'm sure you will be able to build this one. Though billed as "tiny" they're really not all tiny. TWE Tinies that is. They are meant to be small and 3d as possible while keeping them simple...bla bla.

    I was just really excited about my "fishing" kit idea and was HOPING to get a BITE. lol

    Thanx for your encouragement!

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