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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by thomas_fan, Oct 19, 2007.

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    Hi Kate,

    I've used homasote on top of plywood. Its a grey fiber board that is rigid enough that it needs to be cut by a jig saw (or small sections wth repeated strokes of a mat knife) but its soft enough to nail down track easily. Scrap sections can be broken and layered to create jagged rock formations. Its a bit dusty when cut. Its a good idea to paint homasote to seal it to prevent warping if you have a lot of humidity changes. I liked using it but think I'd try foam next time around.
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    Homasote web site: Homasote Company - America's Leading Green Building Products Manufacturer

    It's a US product; if I buy some from a lumberyard here, they don't have it the next time I need some.
    What I heard was that it was made from recycled returned paperback books; that's consistent with its consistency. It's used as soundproofing in buildings, so maybe you can approach from that angle. The price is usually in the same range as 1/2" (12mm) plywood.
    We do have a few Australian members on the forum; maybe they'll have ideas.
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    In South Africa we also don't have Homasote. Btw, have we really then been calling those white foam cups by the wrong name?- oops!

    Oh well, now I've got a new subject to talk to people about.

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