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    Thanks TrainNut, I just book marked the site. The article on BNSF's Velocity program was interesting. A few years ago I was doing some air conditioning work for BNSF on some of their mow equipment. It was right aftr the merger, and I asked the supervisors at the San Bernardino shops how things were going since the merger. The response I got is the railroad has slowed down 10 years, and we're not sure if we'll ever get the Burlington people up to speed. I guess they are finally doing something to get people up to speed.
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    re bnsf magazine

    hi everybody

    wow thats something new , i wonder if bnsf will make it availble to the public ?
    the article about railfans redgersting to bnsf with all your personal info , tell me is some way that the goverment is going to track railfans thru by having them redgeister to bnsf a as a railfan , i dont i 'm ready to start sign up just yet , what about you guys?


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