BMP-2 Infantry Carrier/Light Tank

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Arjun, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Arjun

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    So it's time to hit the ground. After several planes and two (one gifted) animals and an attempt at building a car, I'll design a military tracked vehicle. I've often thought of doing an Indian Main Battle Tank (especially the indigenously developed tank) but I'd prefer to get some practice first. So I chose the BMP-2 vehicle, possibly an infantry carrier or light tank.

    This is my first design in 3ds Max. Here's how far I've gone with modelling.
    Photos have not been very helpful, and there's one box at the back I've had a little difficulty designing. I will use a lot of texturing instead of modelling (scale has not been decided yet, but it will definitely be very small) for the accessories, but to give it a 3-D look, I will be cutting and pasting the pipes, hammers and hatches over the paper.
  2. Nothing

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    looks good. dont woorry to much with details. good textures can give a simple design a lotta life.
  3. Fishcarver

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    Arjun: Well Done!
    I'll watch this thread with interest!
  4. Arjun

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    I had to set up lights just to get a good view.
    The corny red lines are merely a standby. As I said, this will be a highly textured model without much 3-D, and mostly layers of card on card.
    These textures were applied using a complete unwrap. The hatches at the back are a little too high above the floor, and I'll have to adjust the size.
  5. Wojtee

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    That is a cool vehicle to model. But there is already one pretty detailed free BMP here:
    (third link from the bottom)
    Do you plan an Indian version? Now that might be nteresting...
  6. Zathros

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    zenith, you dug up a thread that has been dead for 4 years!!, No No No!!

    The only thing good that came out of it was the model that Woojtee pointed us too.

    And after just opening that one, I would have to see, except for maybe a recolor, it would be a waste of time to do another one as this one is pretty darned detailed. Tanks Wojtee! :)

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