Blueline will be the death of me

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by hoppercarmaker, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. I was all excited when I got my new M1b. Out of the box,in with the decoder and hooked to a string of cars. :thumb: Now this should have been bliss but what I realy got was gears that slipped and it went nowhere :curse:
    On the bright side I bought it from ulrich and they shipped another the same day.The second one runs great dead smooth at speed step one, but it sounds like s...someone standing on a cat.wall1 Then I get my new Big Boy :mrgreen: and hooked it to 25 cars and start it up 4% grade 30 radius, with the hole train on the grade we started around a curve. That's where it all went wrong :eek: the tender derailed, rolled over and dragged the loco off to fall about 18 inches, mangling a ladder, bending the cab roof and braking the bell :cry: Upon looking it over I see that the rear tender wheels don't even touch the track. And to top it all off the bolt on the first driver of the front engine hits the crosshead when it goes around a left hand curve.wall1wall1wall1 It's allmost enough to make a grown man cry.:cry:
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    Sound like you should have stayed in bed.

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    Wow, talk about a crappy day.
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    That's why us old gray and white hair modelers look over our new toys before placing 'em in service.No,its not because we are old and smart not a'tall.Its from the lessons learn the hard way.
  5. You could have sharred that wisdom with me before all that happend sign1
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    A video would have been entertaining..
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    I advise contacting BLI's service dept. in Florida. If you mail it to them with a description of the problems they will fix them and ship it back free of charge. Their number is on the BLI/PCM website. You may have trouble getting them on the phone since I think only two guys work there or something, but they're helpful. They must realize they have quality control issues.
  8. I fixed the crosshead problem,it has a sight amount of adjustment.
    And Mathew at BLI is going to send replacements for the damaged parts. So maybe I will survive to buy more blueline trains sign1
    I was also able to make a plastic draw bar and that stoped the squeal in my M1b so all is good there. The sound of the chuff on the M1b is great.

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