BlueLine GE C30-7

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  1. I was thinking about ordering the C30-7 from Broadway Lmtd and wanted to see if anyone had anything they could tell me about this engine. seems like a good deal and I would also get the decoder but install myself. Would installing a decoder be something I can do without much problems? I was going to order the TCS MC2P decoder with it and do the install.

    Thanks for any comments.
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    Which DCC system are you using?

    Bluelines have a programming issue for all of the old runs. You cannot program the regular way with paged mode. You have to program in direct or operations mode.

    This is fixed in the new runs and all future runs with software version 7. If you want to pay the shipping, BLI will upgrade the software on the sound decoder for you. (sound decoder is seperate from motor decoder which you buy) The only "new run" currently is the AC6000 2nd (actually 3rd) run production.

    Bluelines sound great! I have an AC6000. I can't wait until they make a new tooling for the GG1 and release it in Blueline. They are also coming out with high hood SD40-2s and SD40-2 3rd run with new roadnames and DITCH LIGHTS!

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