Blohm & Voss P.212.3

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  1. Greetings all,

    I was in the mood for a one day build over the weekend, and I decided to visit the forum download section (if you've never been there, it's definitely worth a look) to see what I could find. I've always been intrigued by the German WWII X-planes, and the B&V P212 uploaded by Senior forum member Paragon caught my eye.

    I opened the one page PDF file with Photoshop because I wanted to lighten the underside grey color a bit. It looked a little dark to me. The six piece fuselage went together easily. I believe there is supposed to be a bit of a "belly" in the center fuselage section, but I just couldn't get the paper to cooperate so it came out as a symetrical tube. I closed off the back end of the intake with a black paper disk so you can't see straight through the airplane. To me, the completed fuselage looks a little long and thin when compared with the available reference images. The exotic looking wings are made up of three pieces each. I had no problem assembling them, and the dihedral seems spot on. There are optional pieces for a kind of tail assembly, but since I couldn't find any pictures of the airplane with a tail, I left it off.

    It was a short, fun project with no unpleasant surprises. Despite the aforementioned fuselage issue, I think the finished model looks pretty darn good, and although it might not be dead-on accurate, it definitely has the "feel" of a P.212. From the wingspan, I calculated that the model scales out to 1/55th scale.

    Since the landing gear is up, the plane is intended to be displayed in flight, so a stand is called for. I downloaded a free B&W airplane stand from Fiddler's Green. Using Photoshop I colored it in a walnut tone, and gave it a rough texture. I epoxied 3 pennies inside the stand for weight, and then glued it up. I made a nameplate using Word Pro, and laminated it with clear packing tape so it would be nice and shiny. Pretty sweet all-in-all!

    The photos are a bit dark, but not too bad considering the rainy day we're having.





    There are a couple of other X-planes in the download section. Maybe I'll build a collection!

  2. MAJOR

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    'Dunno about the rest of you out there, but i think that this is the most inspiring post for designers and builders alike. Makes me want to get stuck into more 'rainy afternoon' builds. Quick, easy and satisfying. Nice model, nice build and nice photos. Cheers.
  3. eric_son

    eric_son Member

    Very nice!

    I'll add this to my build list too.

    I should look in the downloads section more often. :) Had it not been for this post, I would have known about this wonderful model.
  4. Alcides

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    Very nice work Don.

    I've to say I prefer more accurate paper models but you did this looks good.

  5. Thanks for the positive strokes fellas! Even though we like to test ourselves with ever more challenging models, it can be very satisfying once in a while, especially in the midst of a big build, to sit down and actually complete something in just one afternoon. I know it rejuvenates me.
  6. Nothing

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    i heartedly agree! looks great!
  7. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Second that! A simple but beautiful model for the weekend ^^
  8. Janx

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    I second that, sometimes simple and quick is just the tonic you need when things bog you down. Thanks for the inspiration.
  9. DHL

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    Niiiiice build!:cool::grin:
  10. Paragon

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    Thanks for the photos and kind words on the model! I can't believe I just found this thread today. Next time anyone build posts about one of my models, please PM me!

    Anyway, I know the model isn't perfect, its not supposed to be, like my other models, but I'm glad it was easy for you to build, and looks at least satisfying, that was exactly my intent.

    Good call on the stand too, now that you mention it I suppose I should begin including them with my models. How exactly did you attach the model though?

    Anyway, check out my website too, I've got a lot of other models including another Luft '46 model of the Me P.1112.

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