Blohm und Voss P179

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Billy Leliveld, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Well, that was fun, It was my first german X-plane, but I've got more where that came from...
    Cheers, Billy

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  2. kampfflieger

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    Great work, Billy!
  3. DHL

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    very nice build Billy:thumb:!
  4. eric_son

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    Very nice!

    Can you also post a shot showing the top and bottom side of the plane? I'm curious to see how the landing gear wells on the wings look like.

  5. bclemens

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    Great job! I LOVE the canopy idea!
  6. lriera

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    A strange airplane, a well done build.

  7. Because of the strange lay-out of the plane, the landing gear ended up in the wingtips..

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  8. Anthor view of the bottom
    Cheers, billy

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  9. eric_son

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    Interesting use of the wingtips for the landing gear wheel wells.
    Seems like B&V maximized all available space.

    I would love to see this thing fly. I hope somebody would make an RC model of this.

    Thanks for sharing.
  10. scon10

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    Hi all,
    I would really be surprised, if this concept would fly at all. Consider that the right wing is larger than the left one, that would put the center of gravity (CoG) a distance to the right of the thrust line of the propeller. Adding the cockpit to the right wing will move the CoG even further out of line of the propeller thrust. That means that the aircraft has an enormous right turning moment, the aircraft will yaw to the right. For straight and level flight, that must be compensated by the vertical tailplane. At take-off, when speed is low and aerodynamic forces small but the engine running at full power, the fairly small vertical tailplane will not be large enough to counteract that moment, so take-off will be impossible.
    Just my penny's worth.
  11. I'm not sure this P179 actualy flew, but Blohm&Voss produced the BV 141, it looked simular, and flew

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  12. Here's one more

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  13. eric_son

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    And here's another photo:

    The B&V141 was designed to be a recon aircraft.
    According to my reference book, the first prototype flew very well. It impressed the RLM so much that they considered ordering it into production after making a 'few' modifications -- weapons and armor.
    After adding the weapons and armor, the aircraft's balance was offset and this ruined the good performance.
  14. zizi6785

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    The take-off is possible! See the BV-141:

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  15. Vyceroy

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    I love how you made the canopy glass .. i will be using that method for sure .. nice build ..

    FERNANDO New Member

    OUCH I SAY:eek:

    FERNANDO New Member

    it does not look right.
    What ever happened to the concept
    that if looks it! Will fly right!

  18. Gerald43

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  19. ekuth

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    Bit of a necro choosing, but damn, I like the build and the unusual subject matter, so:

    Picture Of The Week! :thumb:
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  20. I was amazed that this one turns up as Pow after such long time, but flattered, thanks:mrgreen:

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